Personalize Emails with Eloqua Custom Objects

Email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy of the modern business world. But there’s more to it than just sending a generic email to someone’s inbox. Taking the time to personalize emails and offer the recipient something they actually want, instead of a general message, goes a long way. Customers appreciate a touch of familiarity. AndRead more

Introducing the Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud App

The Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud App allows you to easily construct a multi-row table in your emails using data from custom object records. Your finalized table will neatly list the specified data from matching custom object records in an easy-to-read format your customers will appreciate. Sign up for a 10-day Free TrialRead more

Improving Eloqua Cloud App Reliability Through Error Routing

Anyone who has ever used Eloqua knows what a powerful tool it is. Combined with the custom cloud apps developed by 4Thought Marketing, the system improves even more. And while the vast majority of the time, systems run smoothly and without errors, nothing is truly perfect and error-free. Problems can occur with any system, theRead more

Date Calculations with Eloqua Custom Objects

The CO Date Calculator Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing lets you perform date calculations within custom object programs. Users can add or subtract days, weeks, months, or even years from any date value and store the results in a CO record. For example, maybe you want to pre-schedule a campaign after a specified number ofRead more

Eloqua Training Unlocks Marketing Automation Potential for Law Firm MWE

Oracle Eloqua’s extensive marketing automation capabilities allow companies to construct, manage, and measure the results of a marketing campaign. In the hands of an expert, Eloqua is a powerful tool. However, its capabilities are extensive and require advanced training for even the savviest of marketers to get the most out of the tool. International lawRead more

Eloqua Segmentation & Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation systems like Oracle Eloqua are designed to make your job easier and your campaigns more effective by leveraging data and content to deliver personalized messages at the perfect time. However, you can’t expect it to do all your work for you. Neither should you be overly cautious and miss out on what itRead more

Managing Custom Objects in Eloqua

Out of the box, Eloqua can handle a staggering amount of information. Your marketing team can store data on both individuals and accounts, and Eloqua’s easy-to-navigate interface allows for easy segmentation. But as any marketer knows, your data needs constantly change. Not all the information you’ve gathered belongs in the contact or account tables. So,Read more

Migrating from NetSuite Bronto to Eloqua: 5 Considerations

Oracle NetSuite recently announced that Bronto, a reliable and widely used email automation software, will no longer be supported after May 31, 2022. For companies and marketing agencies that relied on NetSuite Bronto for promotional campaigns, this means it’s time to find a new solution as soon as possible. Keep Your Email Marketing Campaigns GoingRead more

Eloqua Content Blocks: Here to Make Our Lives Easier

Who doesn’t love a time-saving trick that can make our everyday work easier? With our calendars filled with endless meetings and projects to take care of, one of our top priorities should be to find resources that will help us be more productive throughout our workday. Nobody really enjoys sacrificing extra time to finish aRead more