Plan Your Eloqua SFDC Integration App Migration

Oracle recently announced they are ending support for their native SFDC integration on Feb 1, 2021. If you use Salesforce as your CRM with Eloqua, now is the time to carefully consider how and when to migrate to the new SFDC Integration App.

Shared Email Addresses and Eloqua – Top 5 Considerations to Get it Right 2

Shared Email Addresses and Eloqua – Top 5 Considerations to Get it Right

Most Eloqua users probably are aware that each Contact record in Eloqua has a unique email address.  Oracle Eloqua doesn’t allow different individuals to share a common email address or receive their own unique email – at least not with ‘out of the box’ functionality.

Checklist for Choosing an Eloqua Marketing Agency

[toc] Imagine this. You are a marketing operations professional who, along with your colleagues, manages your marketing technology systems’ day-to-day operations. Your responsibilities run from consulting with internal customers on new projects to building out campaigns, measuring performance, and scheduling campaign review meetings. While your product marketing and creative teams develop the ideas, you makeRead more

The Email Related Contact Cloud App: An Overview

Email Related Contact Cloud App The Email Related Contact Cloud App solves an age-old challenge every Eloqua marketer has heard from Sales at least once, especially after launching a new email campaign. “Next time, could you please include me when you send an email to my accounts? It will help me prepare to answer anyRead more

Building a Delete Contact Program for Oracle Eloqua

Building a Delete Contact Program for Oracle Eloqua Let’s face it; there are contacts in your Eloqua system that don’t belong there.  They take up valuable real estate, living in the dark alleys between “reachable” and “engaged” contacts.  They may think they are living rent-free, but they are not.  Even after building the “contact washingRead more

Event Integration Best Practices for Oracle Eloqua

Event Integration Best Practices for Oracle Eloqua With the dramatic increase in online and virtual events in 2020, it’s more important than ever to have a well-designed integration between your event management platform(s) and Oracle Eloqua.  Many meeting, webinar, and virtual event platforms offer native integrations to Oracle Eloqua.  But that is typically where theRead more

Case Study: Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard

Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard 4Thought Marketing recently improved its Upload Wizard Cloud App to meet the unique requirements of a long-time customer, a global distributor. As part of their Marketing Technology Stack, they use Oracle Eloqua as its marketing automation platform and Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM).  Business Challenge Every day,Read more

Stay Organized with an Eloqua Data Dictionary

What is an Eloqua Data Dictionary? Whether you are an Eloqua marketing veteran or a novice, just learning the ropes using your marketing automation platform, a Data Dictionary is an indispensable tool to keep your data organized and consistent.  It’s also a great reference as your business requirements and priorities change, making discussions for newRead more

3 Reasons To Delete Custom Objects in Eloqua

Why Would You Ever Delete Eloqua Custom Objects? Many Eloqua owners don’t actively manage their data until they have problems, especially with Custom Objects (CO). This article describes how to get ahead of the curve with COs and proactively manage your old and unneeded CO data using the CO Deleter Cloud App. You’re Up AgainstRead more

The Essence of Modern Email Marketing is a Nurture Foundation

Leverage Digital Behavior to send the Right Message at the Right Time Pop Quiz: Sales rejected over 90% of Marketing’s Leads this quarter, what do you do? We see this a lot.  Typically, the definition of a Lead is someone with a heartbeat.  Meaning that a visitor only did one thing – like downloaded anRead more