Eloqua Merge Contacts Cloud App

  Did Someone Say Oracle Eloqua Merge Contacts? No, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Up until this very moment, you probably only imagined, wished, even begged for an easy way to merge Eloqua contact records and preserve activity history.  Since 2015, over 4,300 Eloqua users upvoted this idea on TopLiners. Let that sink in: Read more

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Weak Personalization Testing

Have you ever received an email that began, “Dear FNAME?”

It is astonishing that such basic personalization mistakes still happen.

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Segmentation Strategy

Having a segmentation strategy has always been a marketing basic.  Long before Eloqua, or even the internet, identifying your top, key audiences and what messages you should convey to them has been core to marketing.  And of course, many still do this today, and even take it farther with “Buyer Persona’s” and additional levels ofRead more

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Failed Segmentation

Depending on your experience, marketing automation conjures up one or two mental images: For newer marketers, they see it as a bright shiny object with limitless possibilities. And then for experienced marketers, they remember past failures they don’t want to repeat. In reality, the more effective way forward lies somewhere in between these two extremes.Read more

Personalized Customer Communication with Eloqua Custom Objects

Personalized Customer Communication with Eloqua Custom Objects With Eloqua Custom Objects (CO), you can easily segment and send hyper-personalized, time-appropriate customer communication. Consider, for a moment, a recent email, website experience, or web advertising that you clicked on.  Do you recall why you found that content compelling enough to respond?  Perhaps it was a seasonalRead more

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Data Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy and compliance regulations are here to stay We all fondly remember the mad dash to deploy a solution for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  And as 2020 approaches, the  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the next exercise we get to manage.  But wait, there’s more.  Soon, most countries will enforce theirRead more

Improve Data Quality with Upload Wizard

  Data quality is crucial for every organization. It affects almost every part of your marketing activities, from email deliverability and lead conversion to revenue generation. And you cannot accurately target and personalize your campaigns without complete and accurate data.  You can dramatically improve data quality by eliminating dirty data before it enters your system.Read more

Improve Your Eloqua Segmentation Game with Cloud Apps from 4Thought Marketing

  Key Steps for Improving Eloqua Segmentation The first page in your marketing operations playbook probably stresses the three R’s: Get the right message to the right people at the right time.  And it goes without saying that sending an email that isn’t timely or relevant won’t generate the desired results. For your campaign toRead more

Improve your Eloqua Data

Improve Your Eloqua Data Just how do you improve your Eloqua data?  It’s something every Marketing Automation professional deals with all the time. Because data comes from a wide variety of sources including Form Submissions, Lists, and other systems, sometimes, the data is not in the format you want or need. For example, you mightRead more

One Word That Kills Your Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter about your fabulous product. Your inspiring content is all for naught. Brilliantly creative marketing campaigns go unappreciated. All because of one fateful word.