3 Eloqua Insight User Tips Learned the Hard Way

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing insights directly from several of our on-staff experts on various marketing topics. We hope you enjoy! Oracle Eloqua Insight, powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE), is a powerful tool to analyze your data across Eloqua. It contains several out-of-the-box reports which coverRead more

7 Common Marketing Automation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing automation is neither a magical solution to every company’s marketing challenges nor a failed system that produces no results. A professional marketing automation system is only as good as its designers and users. If your company uses marketing automation for promotional campaigns, chances are you’ve run into problems before. Certainly, no system is perfect.Read more

The 7 Must-Have Partner Apps for Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua users should be quite familiar with the wide variety of built-in functions this marketing software offers. But it’s possible to expand both the value and functionality of Eloqua to improve your marketing strategy even further. What’s the best way to do this? For many Eloqua users, the answer is to use specialized EloquaRead more

Process Leads Faster with the Contact Feeder Cloud App for Oracle Eloqua

The Contact Feeder Cloud App helps you get leads into the hands of sales or your campaigns faster.  Unlike Eloqua listeners, which run once every 24 hours, you can configure the app to check for matching contacts as often as every minute. If you get a new lead, you can process it quickly, reducing theRead more

How to Design Emails for Successful Marketing Campaigns

Marketing and advertising can take advantage of countless media in the modern world. And with consumers using technology for almost everything, there’s never been a better time to provide them with customized marketing materials designed to cater to their interests. While there are several ways to do this, the most popular method of choice forRead more

Delete Eloqua Custom Objects in Bulk

If you need to clean up your Eloqua Custom Data Objects and remove data for specific contacts, the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing is the perfect solution. Watch the 1-minute video below and learn how the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App helps you keep your Eloqua system clean. Learn more about theRead more

Marketing to Shared Email Addresses with Oracle Eloqua

It’s not at all uncommon for multiple family members to share a single email address, either for everyday usage or for registering their household for a particular event. Or a business might use to make communication easier for them since everything goes to a single inbox. But for marketers using Eloqua, contacts that shareRead more

4Thought’s Update All Contact CO Cloud App for Eloqua

Need to keep your Eloqua Custom Object records up to date when a field or fields change on the mapped contact record or want to add or update static values to all mapped contact records?  You can with the new Update All COs Eloqua Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing. Watch the video below for instructionsRead more

A Quick Look at the Contact CO Deleter Cloud App

It’s not possible to delete Custom Objects associated with a contact record in Oracle Eloqua using only out-of-the-box features. This is where the Contact CO Deleter Cloud App comes into play. The Contact CO Deleter Cloud App makes removing custom objects mapped to contact easily on either the program or campaign canvas. The cloud appRead more

First Tech Credit Union’s Personalized Email Campaigns Grow Revenue

Credit unions earn money in several different ways, but customer loans tend to be their biggest source of revenue. First Tech Federal Credit Union is no exception. And while they continue to see strong growth, they also saw abandoned applications as an opportunity to increase conversions. Here is their story. The Problem: Incomplete or AbandonedRead more