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4CO Toolkit for Eloqua Custom Objects


A custom bundle of cloud apps offering options for manipulating Custom Objects in Oracle Eloqua

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The 4CDO Toolkit enables you to manipulate Custom Objects in Eloqua, including the ability to Create, Update, and Delete COs and even to move data between them, all under Campaign or Program Canvas Builder control. May include the following cloud apps:

  • Contact to CO Updater
  • CO to Contact Updater (Contact-Based)
  • CO to CO Updater
  • CO Deleter
  • Contact CO Deleter
  • Each Eloqua instance requires a separate cloud app license.
  • Each cloud app license includes a reasonable usage limitation of 250k records processed per day and up to 5 app instantiations per Eloqua instance. Higher usage tiers are available at extra cost.
  • For additional license details, please review the Cloud Services User License Agreement.