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Swap Email Address


Takes the Value from a Contact field and sets that value into Eloqua’s Email address field.

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The Swap Email Address Cloud App allows you to easily replace a contact’s primary email address with another email address during campaign execution.

Key Benefits

  • Swap contact email address under campaign control
  • Doesn’t require a form submission or hinder campaign performance
  • Swap without creating additional activity records


  • Each Eloqua instance requires a separate cloud app license.
  • Each cloud app license includes a reasonable usage limitation of 250k records processed per day and up to 5 app instantiations per cloud app. Higher usage tiers are available at extra cost.
  • Many to One and Embed CO Records in Email Table apps include up to 100 instances.
  • Lifetime licenses require an annual hosting fee of 10% of list price starting in year two.
  • For additional license details, please review the Cloud Services User Agreement.