Improve the Focus of your Content Marketing with 4Segments

Improve the Focus of your Content Marketing with 4Segments 1

Envisioning segments and creating contact lists for marketing campaigns has been a labor-intensive and complicated process – up until now.

4Segments™ uses Venn diagrams to graphically segment your market, making it easy to understand how targets relate and overlap. Funnel stages, page visits, geography, industry… however your data is sliced and diced, you can now understand it visually.

  • Create highly targeted email lists for more effective nurture campaigns
  • Easily identify who to invite to which events based on visual geography
  • Understand where, why, and how your data is dirty. Instantly create lists of both good…and bad data. Send one list an email…send the other to the intern!

Free yourself from writing time-consuming text-based filters; only to find out the numbers didn’t pan out.

4Segments™ can help you:

4Segment’s drag and drop UI makes it easy to create segments and send contact lists to your Marketing Automation or CRM tools.

Contact us for a demo. We think you’ll be impressed!