Data-driven decisions with 4Segments

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 1

Plan by Funnel Stage

You can not only identify quantities of contacts or companies at a funnel stage, you can now work with those contact groups to create campaigns, and call lists, and identify content/messaging possibilities.  Executives can combine funnel stage lists with other criteria to determine market shifts, and industry trends, and create strategies.

  • Combine early-stage, mid-stage, or late-stage contacts with other key criteria
  • Merge Funnel Stage with both Owned Products and “interested in” Product Criteria
  • Look at contacts in Funnel stage(s) overlapped with Geographic Criteria to determine where events and trade shows should be held
  • Exclude late-stage funnel, Opportunities, or Customers from new campaigns

Event, Webinar, and Trade Show Advanced Sub-Group Targeting

Now, target Sub-Groups for Events, Webinars, and Trade Shows like never before.  Quickly create complex combinations of key factors like industry, title, geography, demographics, website visits so that only the people that are exactly right for an event are invited.  Realize higher attendance rates…because each subset of attendees is invited with exactly the right message.

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 2

Dirty Data: Understand and Identify For Data Cleansing

You no longer need to pay for expensive 3rd party data cleansing reviews. Now you can segment out bad data quickly, easily, and visually, yourself.  4Segments™ allows you to identify, combine and visualize the quantities of the dirty data impacting your marketing.  With 4Segments™ you can:

  • Easily and visually separate your dirty data from your clean data.
  • Create segments for important records where selected fields are blank and send them to be filled in!
  • Find wrong field values
  • Find system illegal and/or special values like nulls and non-ASCII characters
  • Consider international characters sets and languages in your data cleansing and segmentation
  • Find integration problems due to missing or illegal CRM or other System ID fields
  • Detect country fields that don’t subscribe to either 2 character, 3 Character or Long ISO Standards
  • Segment out state/province fields (for any country!) that don’t subscribe to either 2 character, 3 Character, Long ISO Standards, or other corporate standards
  • Utilize “Dynamic Normalization” to “reroute” incorrect segment groups to the correct
    segment group for campaigns
  • Easily group records for products that no longer exist, reps that no longer exist, and other old and
    invalid information
  • Find bad Titles, Job Levels, Departments, and Customer Types set aside for correction!

Personalize Your Content As You Should!

Are you still finding that many of your emails are “batch and blast?”  Are your CTR rates low because people are emotionally “opting out” of reading your emails? When complex segmentation feels too hard to do and too uncertain to get right, personalization suffers.  With 4Segments™ you can get a strong personal “feel” for the people, groups, and sections that exist in your systems.  You can easily, combine, merge, and separate out the exact right group to send the perfect message.

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 3

Segment by Language, Culture, and Country

It’s often appropriate to change your call to action, your language, your graphics, and even your message for different countries and areas of the world.  With 4Segments™ it’s no problem to select areas or regions of the world you’d like to handle differently, and then merge those country groups, with other complex combinations of criteria.  If you have marketing teams around the world, each team can use 4Segments to start with the area of the world that pertains to them, and then merge it with the criteria that are important in their cultural situation.

Sub-Segment for Nurturing

Nurturing campaigns can always be more effective when tightly targeted and personalized to smaller groups.  Many companies today send prospects down mostly-generic nurturing campaigns and then wonder why results are poor to average.  The strength and beauty of automated nurturing can be fully realized by routing small sub-segments of targeted folks down highly personalized campaigns with content that is tailored to the product of interest, the industry of the prospect and their title/job level.   4Segments™ enables you to create those tight groups in a visual manner that not only allows you to capture the groups you know of, but also to see who is left out of those groups and what they have in common.

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 4

Informed Territory Assignment

It’s challenging to balance territories fairly among reps, particularly when your understanding of your target accounts is primarily via “gut feel.”  4Segments™ assists sales executives with building a deeper understanding of exactly how many accounts are in specific industries, size brackets, and geographies.   Play with new combinations of boundaries, verticals, sizes and other criteria to figure out how to maximize your team’s revenue and route leads to where they will be most effective.

Fact-Based Target Account Assignment

Along with territory assignment is the need to assign reps the optimal target accounts to focus on in a given quarter or year.  4Segments™ allows sales management. to select customer/partner/prospect groups and create combinations with employee quantity, revenue size, industry, and geographical territories, resulting in the optimal top target account list for every rep.

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 5

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Using 4Segments™

You can sell more to your existing customers if you can determine who is most likely to make a second or follow-on purchase.  4Segments™ facilitates this by allowing complex combinations of:

  • Who has purchased and not purchased various combinations of products and services?
  • Segments for customers that have owned the product for a long time… or a short time.
  • Combinations with Upsell Indicators that are unique for each product like
    company size, industry, Title of Purchaser
  • Competitive Products Owned
  • Lease Expiration Date (Both your products and competitor products)
  • Maintenance or Software Renewal Date (Both your products and competitor products)
Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 6

Targeting Customers for Renewal and Support

When a renewal is coming due, an automated nurture program can simultaneously:

  1. Increase renewal rates
  2. Encourage and increase early renewals and resulting cash flow
  3. Reduce the costs of manually contacting non-renewed customers as
    expiration dates approach and pass

4Segments™ will allow you to identify both easy renewals and problematic renewals where special support or sales efforts may be needed by taking a date-based program like the above and combining advanced segmentation factors like:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Stats
  • Customer Support Call Frequency
  • Customer Community Engagement Metrics
  • Product Usage Statistics
  • Quantity of Rep Calls and Engagement
  • Other Digital Body Language
Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 7

Optimize Content Preferences and Content Marketing

By using Digital Body Language, especially form submissions and Social Media metrics, 4Segments™ facilitates the creation of segments based on what content the customer is most amenable to receiving.   It just makes sense to send somebody content that is similar to what has worked for that particular person in the past.  4Segments™ provides insights into what natural content groups are driving your current engagement, and lets you further engage those groups, drive engagement for neighboring groups and ultimately turn all possible contacts into leads.

Data-driven decisions with 4Segments 8

Next Best Action Determination

Use multiple complex prioritized groupings via advanced segmentation, to set a “Next Best Action” for every contact.  That field can not only drive nurturing, but also remarketing ads across the internet, tailored offerings and website adds on your own sites, telesales scripts, sales calls and more… basically all marketing sales aspects of the business.