Account CO to Contact CO Updater

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Easily update all Contact COs associated with an account with data from the appropriate Account CO or static values

Key Benefits

  • Ensure Contact COs are updated with information from the Account CO
  • Store static values in all associated Contact COs

Company Garbage Indicator


Detect garbage in the company field on Campaign or Program Canvas

The Company Garbage Indicator Cloud App enables Eloqua users to add a decision step to their campaign and program canvases that checks for garbage strings and, if found, route them for further processing.

Key Benefits

  • Use built-in garbage string definitions or create your own
  • Add decision step that checks for garbage strings on campaign or program canvas

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Your business is unique, and you need greater agility with Oracle Eloqua to solve problems or leverage opportunities.  Whatever you can imagine, we can build a custom Eloqua cloud app to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfy unique requirements for your business with custom cloud app development

Eloqua Upload Wizard

Improve Data Quality at the Source

The Eloqua Upload Wizard marketers improve data quality by eliminating manual processing and removing poor-quality data for every employee using the tool. Enables non-Eloqua users to import data, potentially empowering folks in sales or other marketing departments to import data without risking the overall quality of your data. Upload Wizard allows you to let more people perform Eloqua uploads without compromising data quality.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates bad data at the source by applying all rules and data normalization to all new records
  • Enables non-Eloqua users to upload data without reducing quality safely
  • Provides improved notification for results and errors.