Anonymous Campaign Attribution

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Connect Anonymous Visitor Activities to Contacts After Form Submission

Today’s buyers spend 70% of their time researching products before they ever contact the seller. That means a lot of your social, paid, and organic website traffic is anonymous. However, Eloqua tracks anonymous web traffic generated by display ads, social media, video, and other responses as visitors. And then, these visitors become known contacts once they submit a form. The Anonymous Campaign Attribution Cloud App associates these campaign responses to the contact, providing a more complete view of their entire campaign engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Measure campaign effectiveness by including formerly unknown visitor activities
  • Report full campaign attribution and ROI
  • Take corrective measures

Campaign Contact Remover

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Remove contacts from one or more campaigns easily

Nurturing campaigns are an essential marketing tool. And marketing automation enables the creation of very sophisticated nurturing campaigns, but it also presents many challenges with each new nurture added. For example, contacts should only be in one nurture at a time. And when they MQL, you likely want to remove them. However, this causes several problems for existing nurture campaigns:

  • How do you ensure they are only in one campaign?
  • What happens if they express interest in other areas?
  • How do you remove them from campaigns when they MQL?

The more nurtures you are running, the more challenging it will be managing filters on your campaign canvas. Each new nurture will likely increase the complexity. However, with the Campaign Contact Remover Cloud App, it’s possible to centralize everything on a single canvas easily.

Key Benefits

  • Centralize automated process for removing contacts from all but one nurture campaign
  • Remove contacts from all nurtures when they meet specific criteria.

Campaign Membership

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Create multiple campaign responses in one step

The Campaign Membership Cloud App creates external activity records and campaign responses from a list upload in one step. With the app, use a list with multiple contacts and multiple campaigns (one per contact) to create campaign responses for the campaign specified on each row

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate the need to upload lists multiple times to create external activities and campaign responses.

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Custom Eloqua Cloud App Development

Your business is unique, and you need greater agility with Oracle Eloqua to solve problems or leverage opportunities.  Whatever you can imagine, we can build a custom Eloqua cloud app to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfy unique requirements for your business with custom cloud app development

Email Related Contact

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Automatically Email Related Contacts

The Email Related Contact Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing enables Oracle Eloqua to include related contacts in email campaigns and programs automatically.  It offers CC or “carbon copy”-like* capabilities to your campaigns or contact programs, and a solution to the age-old request from sales to include them in email campaigns targeting their accounts.

Key Features

  • Automatically include related contacts in email campaigns
  • Include Account Reps in subscriptions for their customers
  • Works on both Campaign and Contact Program Canvas

*Field Merges and Dynamic Content are not supported.  The related contact will receive one email for each campaign.

Embed CO Records in Email Table

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Embed CO Records in an Email Table

The Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud Content App enables you to embed multiple rows of data from Eloqua Custom Objects (COs) into an email using HTML.

Key Benefits

  • Include data from multiple CO Records in a single email
  • Format table header, body, and footer using HTML

Enhanced Update Rules

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Turbocharge your campaign or program canvas by performing multiple updates to contact records including date stamps, appending values, or adding static values in a single canvas step.

Key Benefits

  • Perform multiple update actions in a single step
  • Update options include
    • Append data to a field with an optional delimiter
    • Store a static value to a field
    • Set date stamps
  • Filter contacts based on whether they are included or not included Eloqua Segment
  • Add updated contacts to an Oracle Eloqua Shared List

Many to One Email

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Send multiple, personalized emails to a shared email address, households, or multiple emails to a single individual with multiple variants easily.

Key Benefits

  • Send personalized emails to several individuals who share a single email address. For example: send individual travel itineraries for household members sharing a single email address:,, etc..
  • Send personalized emails to a single individual but for multiple variants.  For example, based on product purchases, various contracts, or subscription renewals.