The Key to Building A Stronger Segmentation Strategy

Building a strong segmentation strategy is one of the most important components of any marketing program, and having one will ensure that you maximize overall marketing effectiveness. Everything starts with segmentation! Without good segmentation, how can you be confident that the right leads are being targeted with the right message? Without insight into your database,Read more

Four Marketing Automation Takeaways from Pokemon Go 2

Four Marketing Automation Takeaways from Pokemon Go

Wow!  In only 5 days, Pokemon Go has gone from launch to become the Biggest Game Ever with a user base that looks likely to surpass Twitter and with more engagement than Facebook … in days!   I’m not going to take the time to explain the game or the phenomena here… if you’re not upRead more

Virginia Tire & Auto: Delivering More than Tires

How does a regional tire and after-market retailer rise above the noise, win customers and build long-term profitable relationships? In the case of Virginia Tire & Auto, an integrated marketing strategy backed by Oracle’s Eloqua marketing automation technology has produced excellent results in less than 18 months. Engaging customers after they leave the store forRead more

Avoid The Most Common Integration Breaking Mistakes

Why do Integrations fail? Do you want your Integrations to Succeed? There is one simple thing you can do to What is that one thing? Feed it healthy data. Many marketers forget about their integration when creating new forms. They mindlessly import records with no consideration that the data has to feed not one systemRead more

Don’t Let Your Integration Become a Mafia Mixup

In the Mafia, clear communications are vital. If different people have different perspectives, the wrong people die. This is just as true in an Eloqua CRM integration; well, except for the actual death part! The first problem is that the word “integration” means different things to different departments and sometimes those ordering (or executing) onRead more

What’s “Best in Class” in Marketing Automation?

Has marketing automation gone mainstream? We don’t know, but a recent survey by Aberdeen Group suggests that’s the case. Business 2 Community recently published an overview of the survey, 22 Essential Facts About the State of Marketing Automation. The survey suggested, among other things, that 70% of organizations were either already using a marketing automationRead more

What’s a lead? It’s more difficult than you think

Greg Coticchia has published a very helpful article, entitled “What’s a Lead?” in which he relates his own difficulties answering that question, as well as the difficulties that others are having. In our day of “sales and marketing alignment”, when “reducing barriers to transactions” is key, the answer to that question has much higher stakes.Read more

Hiring Partners: Turn Disadvantages to Advantages

Not long ago, we published a blog post on the topic of Five Reasons to Engage a Partner (while you’re waiting to hire the perfect Eloqua Marketing Expert). Those reasons included: Multi-faceted expertise – the kind that no single person could bring to your department. The ability to get a lot of work done quickly.Read more

Five Reasons to Consider “The Partner Option”

VentureBeat News recently reported a study that said “many organizations are underestimating the resources that are required” to effectively implement their marketing automation technologies. Eloqua experts are being promoted quickly and are otherwise in demand, and at the same time, we’re hearing that some companies are having trouble hiring trained Eloqua resources. Even in a goodRead more

“Automation” vs “the personal touch”

What are the main differences between “automation” and “personalization”? The Business-2-Community website recently posted an article that contrasted the two. The article draws a sharp contrast between what’s “personal” and what’s “automated”, and it lists the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The challenge occurs because “customers are individuals and expect to be treated accordingly”.Read more