How can my IT department help with Eloqua?

It would be nice to think your IT department could supply all the services you need for your marketing technologies. IT departments typically focus on getting the programs up and running and making sure they’re secure. If you’re lucky (and many aren’t) your IT department can also support you in integrating your systems. But thisRead more

Why MAP is Important for Your CEO (MAP part 2)

In part 1, “What Every CMO Should Add to the Marketing Plan“, we talked about what the marketing automation plan (MAP) was.  But why is it important to the CEO that the CMO have one? CEOs are constantly reading, and many CEOs will expect you to be doing the things they’ve just read about. ButRead more

What CMOs Need to Add to the Mktg. Plan (part 1)

Recently I helped the CMO of a client of ours produce their marketing plan and I quickly came to a realization. The marketing plans we used just a short while ago are out of date. The mainstays of these plans, including target markets, market size, market niche, channels, segments, budgets, lead projections and more areRead more