Eloqua SmartStart Implementation Services

    Eloqua SmartStart is the best way to kick off your Marketing Automation journey. In just a few days, you can have Eloqua set up, campaigns ready to go, your CRM integrated, and either lead scoring or lead nurturing in place. All completed remotely or at your place of business.

    The hallmarks of a 4Thought Marketing SmartStart are:

    • Focus
    • Rapid time to results
    • Tightly defined goals
    • Knocking out those goals

    Eloqua SmartStart

    We understand that implementing Marketing Automation is as much about people as technology. During a SmartStart, we listen to understand your organization and your team’s work processes. We work with your team to understand how early decisions will affect your department going forward and then guide you to properly balance that uniqueness against best practices. The result is an implementation that meets your requirements while leveraging best practices to the greatest degree possible.

    According to Oracle, Eloqua customers that utilize a SmartStart package have generated more than 260% more leads than their self-taught counterparts.

    We offer a wide range of SmartStart options including:

    • SmartStart – No CRM.
    • SmartStart – One-Click CRM Integration
    • SmartStart – Advanced CRM Integration
    • SmartStart – Customized to meet your requirements.

    Contact Us to speak with a specialist and learn more about our SmartStart offerings.  Together, we’ll determine which is right for your situation.