Maximize Marketing While Ensuring Privacy Compliance 5

Citizen Rights Fulfillment

Responding to data subject access requests (DSARs) can be expensive and time-consuming. But failing to complete them promptly can result in severe financial penalties. 4Comply centralizes and helps automate the process, keeps detailed records of activities, and distributes requests to the appropriate teams for manual or automated fulfillment—all with minimal impact on your employees.

  • Centralized request tracking, automation, and fulfillment
  • Flexible implementation options
  • Reduced costs with self-service options
  • Dependable support for all rights requests
Maximize Marketing While Ensuring Privacy Compliance 6

Add Privacy Compliance to Any System

4Comply offers a flexible solution to add privacy compliance to any system quickly. It centralizes marketing consent, permissions, and rights requests in an activity history vault. Using our API, you can add compliance without building an in-house privacy compliance framework from scratch.

Save time and money on costly solutions that lack essential privacy compliance features. With our platform, it’s simple to customize how you comply with regulations to suit your business and legal needs.