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    The Power of Marketing Automation During a Recession

    During times of economic downturn, inflation, and recession, businesses of varying sizes often face challenging decisions. Sometimes this can include budget cuts and unfortunately, the marketing budge
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    account-based vs lead-based marketing

    Explained: Account-Based vs. Lead-Based Marketing

    Account-based marketing (also called ABM) and lead-based marketing are two popular strategies for businesses. Choosing the right model is important to ensure that organizations’ revenue processes are
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    How to Develop an Effective Marketing Email Template 6

    How to Develop an Effective Marketing Email Template

    A well-designed marketing email template can make or break a campaign. A detailed template provides a solid foundation and ensures each element required for the email has been captured. When designing
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    marketing for remote workers

    How to Adjust your B2B Marketing for Remote Workers

    2021 was the year the world worked remotely. What started as a temporary measure during the pandemic has largely become something likely to remain with us semi-permanently. As revealed by Owl Labs’ “S
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    page tags

    4 Advantages of Creating Page Tags in Eloqua

    Eloqua’s often-overlooked page tagging feature is a powerful tool you should definitely be using. But why is this feature so important? Besides obvious benefits like webpage categorization, well-done
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    page tag eloqua

    4 Page Tagging Methods for Eloqua Users

    Among its many features, Eloqua offers one function that often goes overlooked: page tagging. In a previous article, we looked at how page tagging can improve customer segmentation and lead to more ef
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    page tag

    Are You Overlooking Eloqua’s Page Tagging Abilities?

    We frequently work with customers to improve their marketing strategy and online presence. A significant part of this involves guiding marketers to explore Eloqua’s “hidden” features that they may not
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    lead generation vs. demand generation

    Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation: Know the Difference

    Lead generation and demand generation may sound like two terms for the same activity. In practice, they can be similar. However, the differences are critical for any marketer to understand. Let’s comp
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    account based marketing

    Account-Based Marketing: The Future of Marketing?

    When most people think of marketing, what they’re really thinking of is conventional marketing: an approach that begins by generating as much attention as possible and narrowing down to potential lead
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    marketing automation oracle eloqua

    Best-in-Class Marketing Automation with Oracle Eloqua

    Oracle Eloqua is a market-leading marketing automation platform that helps companies generate leads that convert. Named a leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Marketing Automation Pl
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    4thought marketing cybernews interview

    Cybernews Interview with 4Thought Marketing CEO Mark LeVell

    Keeping up with all in-house goals and tasks as well as failures and vulnerabilities has never been an easy task. But with some professional help, they can usually be effortlessly maintained.Whether i
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    segmentation for marketing

    Segmentation for Marketing is Still Relevant: Here’s Why

    It goes without saying that different people have different interests. But marketers who want to get as much promotional material out as possible, as quickly as possible, might not give this fact the
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