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Quickly and easily access and use all contact-related data to create effective segments with Cross-Stack Segmentation – no matter where the data sits in the stack – without costly integration.

Use the simple and intuitive Visual Segmentation™ interface to create contact segments in any system and easily drag, drop and use them in any other system in your stack for nurturing campaigns, business intelligence or Sales Rep follow-up.

What it Does

4Segments™ lets you manipulate all the contact data in your marketing stack in the way that best fits your task. Visual segmentation makes it easy to gain and act on important insights as well as iterate and contrast results in real-time.

4Segments is cloud-native, browser-based, and works with every system in your Marketing Stack.

See 4Segments™ in action.

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Designed With You in Mind

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Gain Control of Your Marketing Stack with 4Segments

Leverage the power of your marketing stack – all of it. 4Segments provides true cross-stack segmentation™. It acts as an abstraction layer for your marketing stack and provides one simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to access all your contact data, no matter where It’s stored.

Visual segmentation™ lets your staff work intuitively across your entire stack without writing text-based filters. It’s easy to see where the overlaps are and aren’t with a workspace that includes maps, real-time Venn diagrams, waterfall, and matrix views.

4Segments™ facilitates the creation of focused, targeted marketing communications:

Access and leverage all your contact data, no matter where it is stored – without IT integrations – using 4Segments cross-stack segmentation.


Improve the Focus of Your Content Marketing with 4Segments

Envisioning segments and creating contact lists for marketing campaigns has been a labor-intensive and complicated process – up until now. 4Segments™ uses Venn diagrams to graphically segment your market, making it easy to understand how targets relate and overlap. Funnel stages, page visits, geography, industry – however your data is sliced and diced, you can now understand it visually.
  • Create highly targeted email lists for more effective nurture campaigns
  • Easily identify who to invite to which events based on visual geography
  • Understand where, why, and how your data is dirty
  • Instantly create lists of both good and bad data
  • Send emails to the right audience every time
Free yourself from writing time-consuming text-based filters, only to find out the numbers didn’t pan out. 4Segments™ can help you: 4Segment’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create segments and send contact lists to your marketing automation or CRM tools. Contact us for a demo. We think you’ll be impressed!
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Identify Top Target Accounts with 4Segments

Creating call lists and analyzing territories has always been part guessing game and part complex numbers exercise – up until now.

4Segments™ takes the complexity out of visualizing how geography, industries, customers, and opportunities intersect. Now they’re graphically represented right on the screen.

Quickly explore different combinations until you have the mix you want.

4Segments™ can help you with:

When you’re satisfied, just drag and drop to generate call lists for field reps, inside sales, or telemarketing.

It’s really that easy.

Sound like a sales job? Contact us for a demo and decide for yourself.

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How it Works

Use the power of real-time Venn diagrams to target your market with precision and confidence. Gain instant understanding as you manipulate segments and compare results in real time. Leverage success and make adjustments with segments you can save, reuse and easily modify.

4Segments™ uses a simple and intuitive, graphics-based drag-and-drop interface.

Make the most of your marketing and CRM data without having to translate numbers in your head or deal with Boolean complexity.

About 4Segments

4Segments enables Cross-Stack Segmentation™ using an innovative and simple-to-use Visual Segmentation™ interface. A product by 4Thought Marketing, 4Segments is cloud-native, browser-based, and works with every system in your Marketing Stack.

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