Integrating Eloqua with Salesforce 8

Business ROI to Tactical Details

4Thought’s proven integration methodology makes sure that every level of concern is factored in. “Big picture” issues, such as how the integration will impact ROI and User Adoption, are evaluated and documented, without overlooking the most tactical of items, such as how a bidirectional synchronization overwrites issue will be addressed. All issues from top level to tactical are tracked, considered, and documented, prior to commencement of efforts, followed by an intensive (and again documented) testing process to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Eloqua and Salesforce Integrations.

When integrating Eloqua and Salesforce, it’s best to have your integration done by a company that knows both systems in-depth. Knowing both systems enables 4Thought to connect and integrate your systems more effectively, leveraging and utilizing the nuances and tricks that come with experience in both systems.

How Should I Integrate Salesforce?

Let 4Thought guide you to the right integration methodology for your situation instead of being driven by tools with which a particular consultant is familiar. Integrations utilizing the platform can be built by 4Thought using Perl, PHP,, Java, and C# depending on your needs and the needs of the other systems in your environment. In addition, we can leverage Salesforce connectors to integrate with Outlook, Excel, Notes, SAP and other systems. Lastly, 4Thought can leverage integration tools like Pervasive, Castiron, and Informatica if you prefer middleware to connect multiple systems, or to enable easy future modifications and maintenance.

Integrating Eloqua with Salesforce 9
Integrating Eloqua with Salesforce 10

Integration Maintenance.

4Thought can provide ongoing integration management of the systems it connects, resulting in minimal (if any) impact on users and executives when systems fail. Wouldn’t it be nice to know problems were being fixed before users even became aware of them? 4Thought builds into most of its integrations automated emails that can notify us, you, or both of us when things go awry, enabling corrective actions to begin immediately.

Replicate Your Database? Analytics? 4Thought can replicate your data to an Analytics Database or other local corporate location, to enable analysis, slicing and dicing, integration and correlation with Accounting / ERP systems, and to create corporate integrated dashboards. Don’t settle for silos of data. Let 4Thought tie your world together!