Now create Multiple Eloqua Campaign Responses at Once!

Now create Multiple Eloqua Campaign Responses at Once! 4 

What are we doing now – Many Eloqua users uploads lists and many of those lists are used to directly create campaign responses.  Eloqua has a very slick methodology for creating campaign responses from lists – you simply go to the campaign, upload a list, and voila, you have created campaign responses.  This is a very useful technique for ascribing contacts to an externally driven campaign, such as a webinar, or a tradeshow.

Challenge with the current process – This process works fine if you have a list with contacts from a single campaign.  But what if you have a list of contacts that crosses campaigns?  For example, your field support team sent you a single Excel file with contacts from multiple seminars or maybe you have a list of contacts that need to be ascribed to multiple campaigns.

In these, and many more cases, you will need to:

  1. Split the list into multiple Excel files.
  2. Go into each campaign and upload each individual list.
  3. Note that you might end up with several lists, and with contacts on multiple lists.

4Thought Marketing’s Solution – What if you could do all of that with one simple upload, across many different campaigns?  Our Campaign Membership app does just that.  This app automatically creates a campaign response in Eloqua for each and every contact in your file.

Quick, simple, easy to run – what could be better?

Contact us for a price list of all our apps or for more information on these apps, or if you have a special need that you just can’t seem to solve via the built-in Eloqua functionally — a custom app could deliver everything you’ve been wanting.


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