Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Oracle Unity CDP and Eloqua

Elevate your marketing stack to new heights by integrating Oracle Unity CDP with Oracle Eloqua. In this webinar, learn how this powerful duo can supercharge your marketing efforts, offering a seamless, data-driven approach to customer engagement to maximize your marketing spend and drive measurable results.


  • Mandy Tsui
    Sr. Manager, Product Management, Oracle
  • Mark T. LeVell
    CEO,  4ThoughtMarketing

Get ready to unlock your marketing potential with Oracle Unity CDP and Eloqua

Join us for an engaging live webinar where you’ll:

  • Uncover the transformative capabilities of Unity CDP for enhancing customer experiences.
  • Discover why Unity CDP and Eloqua duo is a powerful combination for modern marketers.
  • Delve into 5 essential use cases solved by the Unity CDP and Eloqua partnership.
  • Learn the potent AI/ML capabilities delivered by Unity CDP and Eloqua working in tandem.
  • Discover the reasons behind customers choosing Unity CDP as their premier solution

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