Filling in the blanks for full Campaign Attribution

Anonymous Campaign Attribution App

Full campaign attribution for anonymous visitors

Full campaign attribution has been as mythical as a Unicorn and just as elusive.  It’s been made even more so by modern marketing techniques.

Campaign Attribution is a key component of determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.  When measuring campaign effectiveness, you want to be able to ascribe leads and/or opportunities to specific campaigns.  In the Eloqua world, this is easily done when the prospect or lead clicks on an email, or submits a form.

But what happens to campaigns that are not tied directly to emails or form submits?  Eloqua tracks Banner Ads, Social Media, and other inbound clicks in the Visitor Profile table, but since the visitor is anonymous, they aren’t included in Campaign attribution for Closed Loop Reporting or any other campaign reporting.  

There is a wide variety of campaigns that would be good to track, but since these don’t immediately result in a form submit or email click, Eloqua isn’t able to easily match the campaign to a contact, and thus to an opportunity.  This is especially true at the beginning of a buyer’s journey – before they are even known to Eloqua as a Contact. 


Campaign tracking of Social Media visitors

If you spend any amount of time using Social Media to drive contacts to your site, it’s probably maddening to realize that you can’t ‘get credit’ for those anonymous leads in Eloqua.

So, how do you get that campaign attribution? What if you could do true first-click attribution even if the visitor was still anonymous at the time?  What if there was a way to link those ‘anonymous’ campaign responses to a real person who becomes a real lead?

Here at 4Thought Marketing, we decided that it wasn’t good enough to wait until a contact is known before ascribing campaign influence and we developed an easy to install app: Anonymous Campaign Attribution. The app enables you to track all of the campaign activity and then easily pull in the campaign responses when the anonymous visitor becomes a known contact. 

Using this app will provide you with a full lifecycle view of campaign attribution, and allow you to truly measure the impact of your banner ads and social media campaigns – even before the contacts become known.

Yep, we did it. We found the Unicorn.

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