Improve your Eloqua Data

Improve your eloqua data

Improve Your Eloqua Data

Just how do you improve your Eloqua data?  It’s something every Marketing Automation professional deals with all the time. Because data comes from a wide variety of sources including Form Submissions, Lists, and other systems, sometimes, the data is not in the format you want or need.

For example, you might have two fields that you want to combine into one field for segmentation purposes or for field merge onto an email or Landing Page. 

You might have values in a field from one source and needs to be modified before storing them in another field.  Or The requirement might be to shorten the length of a text field; or remove certain character strings; or format your phone field to a specific format.

While some of these are possible within built-in tools in Oracle Eloqua, they are not always as flexible to meet your requirements, or easy to use.  

To help our customers, we created a number of Eloqua Cloud Apps that can help.  Don’t struggle with your formatting and manipulating your data – find an app to do it for you, and remove that problem. 

You’ve got bigger problems to solve than formatting data.  Improve your Eloqua data using cloud apps from 4Thought Marketing.

Contact us for more information on our cloud apps, or if you have a special need that you just can’t seem to solve via the built-in Eloqua functionally — a custom app could deliver everything you’ve been wanting.

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