Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day?

Happy Groundhog Day!


Do you ever feel in marketing, like you’re rerunning the same campaigns, the same landing pages, sending the same emails and most importantly getting the same results every day?


Bill Murray, has exactly the same problem in the movie “Groundhog Day”.  He ends up mindlessly repeating the same day OVER and OVER again until it seems he might go crazy.  We all have days like that, right?


Halfway through the movie, Bill Murray figures out what he has to do to get out of his boring cycle…

It’s the same thing Marketers aim to do: build a real relationship.

It seems so simple, and so obvious.  Most marketers know this already.


But just like us, despite knowing that building a relationship is the key to success, Bill’s problem doesn’t easily go away.

Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day? 4He tried to date Andie Macdowell lots of ways.  Most of them fail… humorously and spectacularly, while we, the audience, laugh and enjoy his attempts, because it is clear; Poor Bill didn’t know HOW to build a real relationship.

Do you?

Many boring days go by as Bill tries everything to build a relationship.  He tries all the obvious stuff.  Flowers.  Chocolates.  Poetry.  All with minimal success.



 Finally he has his first breakthrough

  1. The Secret is Personalization

Bill tries to romance Andie over and over, and fails until he starts to personalize the experienceHe starts to care about what SHE is interested in and what SHE wants.  He begins learning about Andie (his prospect) and tailors what he’s doing to what fascinates her.


And suddenly something magical happens…. HIS DAY STARTS TO GET MORE INTERESTING!

Why?  Because he is getting better results.  Andie is responding!

Wouldn’t your day go better if you were continually getting better results?


Bill then progresses even farther when he realizes…

2.  He’ll have to try lots of things

Listening is half the battle.  But then you have to test lots of things to match up what you’re hearing with what really works.   Bill tries ALL sorts of things that SEEM like they’ll work at first, but don’t.

Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day? 5But that’s ok, because learning what his prospect DIDN’T want is also important!

You too will need to try lots of relevant personalized things… and they won’t all work.

But some will.  Track those.  Use those and then…


The final step is:

3.  You need to Practice it. Tune it.  Perfect it.

In the final stage, Bill figures out what he needs to do.  But it’s just not smooth enough.  He says a wrong word here, makes a misstep there.  There are rough edges that he has to figure out.

Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day? 6


This is just like a nurture campaign.  Even after you’ve figured out the main personalized elements that will resonate with your Buyer Persona, you still need to adjust the exact wording.   Swap out the subject line a few times, and change the size of the picture, for example.




Finally Bill graduates!  All his work of figuring out that:

  1. Building a relationship is the key
  2. Personalization is the essence to building a relationship
  3. Testing many things to really connect the personalization
  4. Tune and perfect the personalization

These all pay off and Bill’s day ends, he and Andie continue on with wonderful lives.

How will your day end?



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