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    How to Manage Your Email List to Increase Open Rates & Boost ROI

    When sending marketing communications to your target audience, it’s important to have an active email list. Active emails are contacts that engage with your content and act on your offers, which leads
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    greg manetti new cto

    4Thought Marketing’s New CTO: Greg Manetti

    We’re pleased to announce that Greg Manetti has joined 4Thought Marketing as Chief Technology Officer. Known for his passion for technology and proven leadership, Greg is a seasoned marketing technolo
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    eloqua integration

    Successful Eloqua Integration for Marketing Automation

    Integrating Oracle Eloqua into your marketing automation strategy is an essential step for any business looking to streamline its marketing operations. Eloqua is a powerful, all-in-one marketing autom
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    may 2023 eloqua office hours replay

    Exploring Campaign Responses & Response Rules – Eloqua Office Hours Replay May 2023

    Watch a free on-demand replay of our May 2023 Eloqua Office Hours session here.
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    april 2023 eloqua office hours replay

    Increase Productivity with Self-Service Eloqua Training – Eloqua Office Hours Replay April 2023

    Watch a free, on-demand replay of our April 2023 Eloqua Office Hours event here.
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    eloqua upload wizard

    Eloqua Upload Wizard Streamlines List Uploads for Health Care Company

    The Eloqua Upload Wizard from 4Thought Marketing is a game-changing tool for companies seeking to enhance their lead generation efforts. By streamlining the process of importing data, it can drastical
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    opt-in email

    How an Opt-In Email Series Can Increase Engagement

    An opt-in email series, also known as a nurture email series, is a campaign where subscribers have explicitly asked to receive messages from your company. This clearly indicates their interest in doin
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    email marketing

    Stop Losing Subscribers: How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Email marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy for most businesses. However, it can be frustrating when people unsubscribe from your email list, especially when you have put a lot of e
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    opt-in email

    What is an Opt-In Email Series?

    Email marketing still works! According to Statista, the global email marketing complex was worth $9.62 billion USD in 2022, and is estimated to reach as high as $17.9 billion USD by 2027.Savvy markete
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    oracle eloqua office hours webinar

    Working Around Eloqua Campaign Contact Restrictions – Webinar Replay March 2023

    Sam Caram, a Senior Marketing Operations Specialist at 4Thought Marketing, participated in an informal discussion on Oracle Eloqua hacks, nifty tips, and tricks. She shared how to work around campaign
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    eloqua health check

    Oracle Eloqua Health Checks for Optimal Performance

    Just as annual physical checkups are crucial for maintaining our overall well-being, periodic Oracle Eloqua Health Checks ensure that your marketing automation systems operate at their peak performanc
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    subject lines for email marketing

    Writing Eye-Catching Subject Lines for Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains a highly effective marketing strategy in 2023. However, to make the most out of email marketing, it is crucial to create a compelling email subject line that encourages recipie
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    Reinventing the art of offers after GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed everything in marketing. You have to reinvent your entire marketing program. Not so fast. Yes, you need to make changes. Your approach to privacy...

    How To Launch Marketing Automation Experiments In 5 Days

    You want to optimize your marketing campaigns and get results faster. Do you need to hire a new agency to accomplish those gains? Not necessarily. You might achieve your objectives with better...

    Deleting Eloqua Contacts: When, Why, & How

    Why Delete Eloqua Contacts? It’s a good idea to clean up your Eloqua contact database every so often. Over time, many contact records are created, and not all contacts are created equally. Oracle...

    8 GDPR Mistakes that Eloqua Marketers Make

    For the latest information on Privacy Compliance, read our new blog post, "Why Compliance is a Huge Opportunity for Marketers" The most significant regulatory change in online marketing is right...

    Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day?

    Happy Groundhog Day!   Do you ever feel in marketing, like you’re rerunning the same campaigns, the same landing pages, sending the same emails and most importantly getting the same results every...

    5 Advanced Segmentation Stars and How to Access Them

    Include specialized information to achieve better conversion Whether you’re already using more advanced segmentation or still in ‘batch-and-blast’ mode, here are 5 information source stars that can...

    Filling in the blanks for full Campaign Attribution

    Full campaign attribution for anonymous visitors Full campaign attribution has been as mythical as a Unicorn and just as elusive.  It’s been made even more so by modern marketing techniques...

    CASL: Countdown Checklist for Full Implementation

     CASL Update 5/1/18: Although it was in question for some time, the Canadian Government has reaffirmed that the “Private Right of Action” is still effective.  One legal interpretation can be read here...

    Is Your Data Stacking Up? Managing Big Data in the Growing Marketing Stack

    The technology now available to marketers can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there is software for almost any problem a marketer could think up, from marketing automation to content...

    Marketing tools – can’t we all just get along? Cross-Stack Segmentation to the rescue

    Marketers use a variety of systems and tools to get the job done – collectively known as the ‘Marketing Stack.’  Stacks can include sophisticated CRM, Marketing Automation, and Business Intelligence...

    The Key to Building A Stronger Segmentation Strategy

    Building a strong segmentation strategy is one of the most important components of any marketing program, and having one will ensure that you maximize overall marketing effectiveness. Everything...

    Manipulating data in Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

    In a recent blog post, we discussed the amazing power behind Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects (COs - also known from their legacy name initials as CDOs).  As an Oracle Partner, we often are asked what can...