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dynamic content

Enhancing Personalization with Dynamic Content in Eloqua

Email marketing still ranks among the most effective forms of marketing. But part of that success comes from a specific aspect of email marketing: personalization. And for marketers to take full advantage of this, they can turn to dynamic content.

Optimize Email Campaigns with Our 12-Point Checklist

It’s every marketer’s dream to maintain an impressive email marketing ROI. But what happens when your existing strategies are falling short? In that case, it’s time to consider how to optimize email campaigns for your audience.

email preview testing

Skipping Email Preview Testing: A Costly Mistake

The effectiveness of any email marketing campaign hinges on its ability to deliver messages that are both accessible and engaging across a myriad of devices and email clients. This is where email preview testing shines.

welcome emails

What are Welcome Emails & Why Do They Matter?

Marketers may be tempted to overlook welcome emails in favor of more flashy tactics, but this decision comes from not understanding the true impact a welcome email can have. Let’s look a little closer at what makes a welcome email so important and what to keep in mind while building one.

eloqua email templates

Understanding Locked & Unlocked Eloqua Email Templates

When creating landing pages and emails, Eloqua users can use the HTML or Design Editor to create and modify templates. This article will focus on how templates can be locked or unlocked, providing even more control over the look and feel.

dynamic content

Creating Personalized Email Marketing with Dynamic Content

Any marketer knows the impact personalized email marketing can have on revenue generation. Customers appreciate marketing materials designed specifically around them and their interests. One way this personalized content is made possible is through a critical part of email marketing: dynamic content creation.

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Double-Checking Your Email Effectiveness

Your email performance is lagging, and you’re feeling the effects. How can you pinpoint the problem? 4Thought Marketing is pleased to announce our newest service offering: an email efficacy evaluation.