Eloqua Health Check

    Want more results from your Eloqua system? You know that the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud is the most effective way to power your sales and marketing campaigns. But are you using it in a way that delivers on its full potential? And is your team equipped with the proven best practices to target and nurture prospects into new revenue streams?

    Want Eloqua to work harder and generate more revenue? An Eloqua Health Check from 4Thought Marketing is the solution. It’s a comprehensive diagnostic survey covering 21 different categories of Eloqua health. You not only get invaluable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of how you’re using your automated system, you get proven strategies to improve performance and outcomes. With an Eloqua Health Check, you can:

    • Identify issues in how you’re using Eloqua
    • Determine key areas for growth based on where you are in the marketing maturity process
    • Help your team identify action items that enhance Eloqua’s effectiveness
    • Create a 4-8 quarter plan built on Eloqua best practices that takes your marketing efforts to the next level

    With turnover, distributed teams, and cross-departmental usage, there are significant opportunities to strengthen the usage of your Eloqua system. 4Thought will reveal those opportunities so that you can turn them into competitive advantages.

    You’ve made the investment in Eloqua. Now, it’s time to maximize your return on that investment. Watch this video on how an Eloqua Health Check can help you and call 4Thought at 888-356-7824 for expertise that increases your qualified leads, close rates, and revenue.