Eloqua SageCRM Integration

Are your Eloqua SageCRM integration needs unique? Does your corporate system store data in a SageCRM database? Do you need to get that information into Eloqua for segmentation, email sends, lead nurturing and even closed-loop reporting? 4Thought Marketing’s 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™ for Eloqua can seamlessly integrate SageCRM with your Marketing Automation environment. With dozens of successfully implemented integrations for B2B and B2C companies, 4Thought and our proprietary 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™ are the right choice for your Eloqua integrations needs.

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Setup… Your Way

The 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™ was built and designed to work with the strengths and the weaknesses of the SageCRM data structure and to endure a seamless data flow to Eloqua, whether your company is using SageCRM as a CRM, ERP, and/or website database.

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Our SageCRM 4Bridge™ makes it easy to move new Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and other data from SageCRM to Eloqua, allowing your Marketing Team to take advantage of Closed Loop Reporting, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Scoring to accelerate the Sales and Marketing Pipeline.

Easy to Maintain

4Bridge™ includes a user interface that allows you to see and modify the field mapping between SageCRM and Eloqua. Need to add a new SageCRM and Eloqua custom field? It will appear automatically in the 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™. Simply choose the custom field and save your mapping! Prefer to have someone else handle integration details? 4Thought can maintain and manage the integration for you on an ongoing basis.

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Run It on Your Schedule

4Bridge™ also includes a scheduler with a simple user interface that allows you to schedule when the data moves between the two systems to run as frequently or as infrequently as is appropriate for your situation.

Where Do You Want it?

Want your integration to run on the cloud? Does your IT department prefer that all your systems run in-house? You’re in the driver’s seat and we’ll set you up the way that works best for you.


4Thought Marketing monitors your data movement between SageCRM and Eloqua, ensuring that your data moves successfully and accurately. Create alerts for yourself, your IT department, or 4Thought to instantly notify the necessary people in the event of any data concerns.

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