Nurture Foundation

What is the Nurture Foundation?

The 4Thought Marketing Nurture Foundation systematically moves leads from one nurture to the next based on their digital behavior, ensuring they get the right message at the right time. Ultimately this increases conversion rates and time to conversion.

A key feature of the Nurture Foundation is the Content map and workbook. 4Thought uses your existing content to map to the right buying stage and creates a brief using the key messaging and objective of each email that links back to the mapped content. This brief becomes a handy tool that can be handed off to a writer.

Also included in the Nurture Foundation:

  • High level and detailed Visio diagrams of the agreed upon foundation
  • Recommendations
  • Active Nurtures with Performance Reports

4Thought delivers you a foundational nurturing strategy, providing 2-6 nurture tracks with a total of 20 emails. Gone will be the days of relying on batch and blast email campaigns. You will have long-living nurtures with content that aligns to each stage of the buyer’s journey based on segmented profiles and personas. Enjoy:

  • Higher level of lead engagement
  • Increased conversion rates, and quicker time to conversion
  • Lower unsubscribe rates
  • Consistent frequency of messaging
  • Automated processes to save you valuable time

Let 4Thought Marketing help you discover the benefits of a fined tuned nurture program. We will save you time and resources while giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your programs will be optimized for the best results possible.

4Touch Nurture Track

If you want to start building out your nurture strategy but either don’t have enough content, or just want help building out your first solid nurture track, our 4Touch Nurture Track might be a better option for you.

With the 4Touch track, we will help you strategize and build a foundational nurture with journey-like messaging and a goal of progressing to the next stage. You will get the same services as the Nurture Foundation except that the scale is reduced to one track and there will be no foundational diagram draw.

Nurture Foundation 3

This 4Touch Nurture Track gets you on your way, and we are here to help if you decide to you want to expand your nurture program at any time.