Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise


Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise 1

Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise

In our last article, we spoke about having too many marketing automation tools.  In today’s post, we’re going to talk about our last common mistake in this series: Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise.

The Silent Business Killer

Once you become comfortable with marketing technology, you run the risk of becoming too comfortable. According to some experts, complacency is the silent business killer.  Ask yourself: are you running the same types of campaigns, and rely on the same performance metrics?  Running your systems the same way year after year may mask a growing threat: that you’re falling behind. How? You are failing to explore all of the capabilities available to you – and you are not limited to the ideas your own marketing team brings to bear.

Offering professional development opportunities to your marketers is one approach. For instance, this might include attending marketing technology conferences. Another is establishing a mentoring program between your senior and new marketing staff. However, if you have a smaller company, launching an internal training program just for marketers may not be an option. That’s a good time to look for external consulting assistance.

Also, what if your marketing technology platform’s built-in capabilities impose limits on your creativity.  You might consider using Oracle Eloqua add-ons that build on and extend your existing platform, solutions that create new opportunities to drive growth.

In Conclusion

Marketing automation systems and tools are powerful technologies that can help drive desired outcomes.  However, don’t get distracted by shiny new tools or grow hesitant from past mistakes.  First, start with good segmentation and segmentation strategy.  Take time to examine your data and avoid personalization mistakes.  Confirm your inbound marketing strategy, make certain you know your entry points and confirm leads are flowing.  Don’t ignore compliance, failure to do so can lead to serious financial penalties.  Ensure the size and scale of your technology stack match your available resources.  And finally, don’t grow complacent or stop improving yourself and your marketing systems.

If your marketing campaigns keep producing disappointing results no matter what you try, then we invite you to contact us to discuss ways to improve your marketing outcomes.

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