Onboard New Self-Service Eloqua Users with Ease

eloqua training

Oracle Eloqua is a feature-rich marketing automation platform with nearly limitless flexibility to implement your marketing strategies. As a result, companies implement Eloqua very differently.  While some general training may cover some needs, success depends on providing custom training to understand your company’s specific standards and processes. It is insufficient to hand over access to untrained employees and expect seamless email creation. You must also consider internal best practices, such as branding standards and accessibility requirements, which must be communicated to new self-service users.

Onboarding a new Eloqua user requires sufficient time from an ever-increasing workload. Additionally, when staff turnover occurs, the process must be repeated, training new users as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Solution: Eloqua Training Campaign

To address this issue, the team at 4Thought Marketing has helped many companies leverage the automation capabilities of Eloqua itself to create an on-demand training program. Our approach involves implementing a self-paced and structured training format that prepares new users before granting access to Eloqua and ensures they actively engage with the training materials, including video content. It is designed to be self-paced, allowing trainees to revisit the content whenever necessary. We aim to ensure that users complete the training assignments and comprehend and retain the knowledge conveyed.

In essence, our strategy revolves around automating the whole training process. The key elements of our program are:

  • Emails: Similar to a customer communication campaign in Eloqua, the program utilizes a series of triggered emails based on specific criteria. These emails guide users through a sequence of training materials.
  • Custom training videos: We develop tailored training videos for each client. These videos cover both the general usage of Eloqua and client-specific standards and practices, including naming conventions and asset utilization within Eloqua.
  • Quizzes: These serve as checkpoints to confirm that participants have absorbed and understood the training content before progressing to the next stage of the program.
eloqua training

Why Use Custom Eloqua Training Courses?

Eloqua offers an extensive library of existing training videos. If you lack the time or resources to create custom videos, incorporating the general Eloqua training videos can supplement your training course. However, custom videos offer the advantage of covering client-specific information, such as naming conventions and folder structures, that aren’t addressed in the general training videos.

Additionally, if you have access to a learning management system and it aligns with your requirements, it is an excellent choice for organizing and delivering training. However, in cases where this is not available or doesn’t meet specific needs, using Eloqua as a self-contained training platform offers full control and visibility over the training process.

This is an excerpt from our latest eBook, “Building Customized Training for New Eloqua Users”. Download and read the full eBook for free here.


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