Feed Eloqua Programs More Frequently

Feed Eloqua Programs More Frequently
Why wait 24 hours when you can feed programs when you want.


Feed Eloqua Programs More Frequently

Oracle Eloqua has two very powerful workflow engines –Program Canvas for Contacts and Program Canvas for Custom Objects (COs).  However, each of these tools has two glaring limitations –

  1. You are limited in your ability to add Contact records or CO records to a program based on your criteria and when you need them added.
  2. You can only run them once a day, and not as frequently as you may need for rapid response.

Let’s look at some examples:

Case 1 – You want to add Contacts to a Program Canvas each time the Lead Stage changes from Inquiry to MQL.  You have other workflow based on form submits or list uploads that can change the Lead Stage, and you want to add these Contacts to your Program immediately upon hitting “MQL”.

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In Eloqua today, you might have a listener set up that looks for MQL, but the listener can only feed contacts to the program on a daily basis.  Eloqua provides a limited handful of listeners (e.g. based on Lead Score or New Records)  to specify which changes to use as we will see more of in Case 2.

Case 2 – You have a CO program that updates Account status based on the specific products that are specified on a Product CO record.  Again, you could have use CO Data Services feed the CO into the program, but you are limited by changes to the CO record – any change would feed the CO into the program.  You have limited flexibility as to what change would trigger this action.

In both of these cases, you have specific filtering criteria you want to use to specify which records, Contacts or COs, should be added to a program.  And, you have a need to feed these records immediately, based on changes that could be made at any time.  The current feeder options in Oracle Eloqua do not meet your needs.

To fill these gaps, we created the Contact Cloud Feeder and CO Cloud Feeder that run as a Contact or a Custom Object Program.  The feeders offer more flexibility and more options including ALL standard filtering functionality.  And you can schedule how often and when records that meet these needs should be added to your Program Canvases.

Instead of once a day, they can run every few minutes. They are simple to use Feeders but give you the power to fully use the Programs as you want and need.

This is a screenshot of the Contact Cloud Feeder.  Note how you can filter based on either a Segment or a Shared Filter, and how you can schedule it to run exactly  When you’d like to.  Finally, note that the  ‘Execution Frequency” field can be set to cycle in minutes, instead of once a day.

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Together, these new abilities provide maximum filtering and scheduling abilities that make Eloqua a much more dynamic and controllable tool.

Learn more and see pricing for the Contact Cloud Feeder and CO Cloud Feeder.  Or Contact us if you have additional questions.



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