Case Study: Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard

global distributor improves leads using upload wizard

Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard

4Thought Marketing recently improved its Upload Wizard Cloud App to meet the unique requirements of a long-time customer, a global distributor. As part of their Marketing Technology Stack, they use Oracle Eloqua as its marketing automation platform and Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM). 

Business Challenge

Every day, the distributor processes orders from around the world.  These leads need to quickly and accurately enter their systems and get assigned to the correct sales team. When they receive orders for new accounts, their first step is to connect with them and determine how to best work together.  It’s the first step towards their objective to drive more business. 

The distributor initially contacted 4Thought Marketing when they needed to optimize their business processes and enable growth.  4Thought Marketing helped connect their CRM and Oracle Eloqua systems.  But their requirements could not be met using the out-of-the-box Salesforce integration.  After careful review with the distributor, they purchased the Upload Wizard Cloud App. They now affectionately refer to the Upload Wizard Cloud App as the Lead Engine, and it’s central to keeping the entire sales operation running smoothly.”


The Upload Wizard Cloud App helps Eloqua marketers improve data quality by eliminating bad data at the source. It automatically identifies low-quality data. Another benefit is that non-Eloqua users can easily import data without risking the overall data quality. The Upload Wizard allows more people or processes to perform Eloqua uploads, without compromising data quality.

The distributor receives leads from marketing efforts, from suppliers, and from the manufacturers whose products they sell.  However, the primary lead source is from online orders.  They feed the leads into the Lead Engine, where they are then enriched and scored.  When leads score high enough and become a marketing-qualified lead (MQL), they flow into Salesforce.  From there, teams in North America, Europe, and China contact the accounts.

The 4Thought Marketing Upload Wizard also helps organizations improve data quality and enrich data.  As data flows into the Lead Engine, it normalizes the data, compares data against other tables to enhance the details, or adds data used in other systems. The Lead Engine helps the distributor execute a five-contact approach by setting up tasks in Salesforce and kicking off follow-up by sales automatically.

The Lead Engine also enhances demand generation activities.  When campaigns run, the Lead Engine flags products related to active campaigns as a high priority. Any orders that include a high priority product are “fast-tracked,” sending it immediately into Eloqua and Salesforce.


The Lead Engine powered by the 4Thought Upload Wizard is an integral part of the sales process at the global distributor. It helps the sales team efficiently process the considerable volume of data entering their systems each day.  The Lead Engine checks the data quality, and enriches leads with the latest product information ingested daily. Leads are scored and routed for further qualification.  Select leads are sent immediately to sales if it contains products that are part of a campaign or promotion.


Since deployed five years ago, 4Thought Marketing has implemented dozens of improvements to the Upload Wizard to meet their customer’s unique requirements. The global distributor continues to innovate using the Lead Engine, pushing more and more data into the system.  A project is currently underway to help provide better reporting and accountability for leads generated by their suppliers by pushing them through the Lead Engine. When complete, they can automatically identify and report on lead record quality and help them generate better leads for the distributor to close for their suppliers.  And the Lead Engine, powered by the Eloqua Upload Wizard App from 4Thought Marketing, is at the heart of the system.


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