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3 Reasons To Delete Custom Objects in Eloqua

Why Would You Ever Delete Eloqua Custom Objects? Many Eloqua owners don’t actively manage their data until they have problems, especially with Custom Objects (CO). This article describes how to get ahead of the curve with COs and proactively manage your old and unneeded CO data using the CO Deleter Cloud App. You’re Up Against Eloqua’s Limit – Reason #1  When Eloqua starts generating errors or stops performing due to reaching system limits, this is

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Data Privacy is an Opportunity for Marketers

Consumers know they have the upper hand and can end their relationship with companies by never offering consent. If customers now have control, how do you adapt your approach and seize the opportunity?

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6 Guidelines for MQL to SQL Success

Sometimes the transition down the sales funnel can be a journey fraught with peril, and having a lead turn into an MQL doesn’t mean a marketer’s job is done. Fortunately, following a few simple guidelines can complete the job and help make the MQL to SQL transition much easier.

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Marketing’s New “P” Privacy

As marketing professionals, we’ve all grown up with the four or five P’s of marketing – product, price, placement, promotion, and people.  But now there’s a new P of marketing in town, and it’s perhaps the most important one of all; Privacy.