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6 Common Sales & Marketing Alignment Mistakes

Sales and marketing need to work together, yet they often struggle to play well together. In this blog post, we discuss six common sales and marketing alignment mistakes and potential solutions.

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Back to Basics: Customer Nurturing

Outside of regular communications like subscription renewal offers, how often does your organization reach out to your customers? If this only happens rarely, you could be turning customers off with your inattentiveness. 

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Simplify Eloqua Nurture Campaign Management

Creating robust nurtures comes with complexity, especially when the buyer indicates they’re ready for the next step. No one wants to continue receiving emails from marketing when they’re already chatting with sales.

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Delete Eloqua Custom Objects in Bulk

f you need to clean up your Eloqua Custom Data Objects and remove data for specific contacts, the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing is the perfect solution.

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Marketing to Shared Email Addresses with Oracle Eloqua

For Eloqua users, contacts that share an email address can be a bit of a headache. Each stored contact in Eloqua is identified by their email address, and with out-of-the-box functionality, Eloqua does not allow multiple contacts to be connected to the same email. 

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4Thought’s Update All Contact CO Cloud App for Eloqua

Need to keep your Eloqua Custom Object records up to date when a field or fields change on the mapped contact record or want to add or update static values to all mapped contact records?  You can with the new Update All COs Eloqua Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing.

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Delete Mapped Eloqua Custom Objects Easily

It’s not possible to delete mapped Custom Objects associated with a contact record in Oracle Eloqua using only out-of-the-box features. This is where the Contact CO Deleter Cloud App comes into play.