Data Cleansing

    Data Cleaning Services

    Dirty data in Eloqua has large negative ramifications throughout the organization. The most basic impact is that customers receive duplicate mailings, target segments aren’t right, and marketing analysis aren’t accurate. More subtle but more severe impacts are felt when the corporate users know that the Eloqua data is dirty and can’t be trusted. This results in rogue prospect and customer databases springing up, and the shared system no longer being maintained, encouraging a downward spiral, resulting in even more Eloqua dirty data and duplicates. Lastly, sender scores may be reduced, resulting in valid Eloqua email recipients not getting their emails and extra costs may be paid to software vendors!

    Nobody likes to clean dirty data! It’s a time-consuming, tedious, and thankless process that actually requires reasonable skill to do right.

    4Thought Marketing uses a customized-for-you combination of automated and manual processes that can take your Eloqua dirty data through any one of a number of cleaning steps, including:

    • Duplication Elimination
    • Post Office Address Clean-up
    • Title Correction and Fill-In via Hoovers, Jigsaw, LinkedIn
    • Industry Correlation
    • Synchronization and Correlation with other Corporate Databases
    • Phone Number, Area Code & Prefix Cleanup
    • Automated Customer Emails to request Data Updates
    • Manual Call-down of Selected Records for Personal Verification

    4Thought Marketing cleans Eloqua data, eliminates Eloqua duplicates, fills in blank titles and other fields, and otherwise takes your corporate marketing database from having a significant quantity of bad data, to being reliable and dependable.