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marketo lead scoring

Marketo Lead Scoring: An Overview

Simply put, lead scoring is a method of assigning numerical values to leads primarily based on their characteristics and actions. The higher the rating, the more likely the lead is to grow to make a purchase. Learn more here.

data steward

15 Ways a Data Steward Improves Marketing

Marketers are accustomed to handling and manipulating large amounts of vital data. But in the day-to-day process, it can be easy to forget that this data and integrations need regular check-ups. This, simply put, is the role of a data steward.

marketing kpis customer nurture

Is Your Customer Nurture Campaign Doing Its Job?

Since journey nurtures are meant to align with the buyer’s journey, it’s important that marketers take a close look at where nurture campaigns are either succeeding or stalling, in order to improve future campaigns.

marketing kpis

MQL & SQL: Two Key Marketing Metrics to Watch

Concrete data in the form of key performance indicators, or KPIs, is compelling evidence that your marketing team’s efforts are getting results. While it may seem like a daunting task to find the right KPIs to prove this, it’s far from impossible.

leverage customers

How to Leverage Customer Relationships for Increased Revenue

Companies that put all their money into advertising and sales may be missing a potentially valuable source of revenue. You have an additional option to maintain customer connections and increase sales: leveraging your relationship with existing customers.

marketing kpis

Do You Have the Right Marketing KPIs?

It’s easy to get focused on KPIs that are easy to gather and look great on paper but don’t really provide actionable insights. Here’s how to analyze your marketing KPIs in a meaningful way.

eloqua engage

Eloqua Engage: A Powerful Sales Tool for B2B Teams

Any marketer knows the value of personalized emails to draw customers in. However, since creating a new email for each contact individually consumes valuable time, the team needs a set of templates to work from. Eloqua users can turn to a powerful tool for help with this: Eloqua Engage.

data segmentation for privacy

Data Segmentation for Privacy & Effective Marketing

Data segmentation, the process of grouping customers based on interests and past activities, allows marketers to develop more targeted promotional materials. However, data segmentation is also useful for data privacy. Let’s take a look at how that works.

eloqua integration

Eloqua Integration with CRM: Streamlining Marketing & Sales Efforts

What advantages does Eloqua integration offer? Integrating your Eloqua instance with CRM systems can help align marketing and sales teams, improve data accuracy, and enhance customer engagement, among many others. This article will explore the benefits of integrating Eloqua with CRM.