Eloqua Velocify CRM Integration

Are your Eloqua Velocify integration needs unique? 4Thought Marketing’s 4Bridge Integration Engine for Eloqua can handle it!

Velocify Leads 360

Setup… Your Way

The 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™ understands and considers the quirks and the special features that Velocify CRM has. It understands the strengths and the weaknesses of the Velocify CRM data structure and can connect it with Eloqua in a way that makes both your marketing and sales departments pleased with the results.

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Our 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™ makes it easy to move new Leads from Eloqua to Velocify CRM, and Contacts and Leads from Velocify CRM back to Eloqua. Empower your salespeople with a view into Digital Body Language from Eloqua, including:

  • Website hits
  • Email Opens and click-throughs
  • Form submissions
  • PPC submissions
  • Referral website hits
  • Organic search hits

Track all of the above through to Velocify CRM Lead Source Tracking

Easy to Maintain

4Bridge™ includes a user interface that allows you to see and modify the field mapping between Eloqua and Velocify CRM. Need to add a new Velocify CRM and Eloqua custom field? It will appear automatically in the Our 4Bridge™ Integration Engine™. Simply choose the custom field and save your mapping! Prefer to have someone else handle integration details? 4Thought can maintain and manage the integration for you on an ongoing basis.

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Run It on Your Schedule

4Bridge™ also includes a scheduler with a simple user interface that allows you to set when the data moves between the two systems to run as frequently or as infrequently as is appropriate for your situation. Want to change your schedule? It’s easy to do at any time.

Where Do You Want it?

Want your integration to run on the cloud? Does your IT department prefer that all your systems run in-house? You’re in the driver’s seat and we’ll set you up the way that works best for you. Either way, 4Bridge™ for Eloqua runs reliably and will consistently pump data between Eloqua and Velocify CRM.


4Thought Marketing monitors your data movement between Eloqua and Velocify CRM… making sure data moves successfully and alerting us if there is any sort of hiccup. If something goes wrong, we’ll either fix it or call your IT department as you’ve requested, immediately. And, of course, you can configure the integration to notify you directly as well, so you can stay on top of the daily success of lead flow.

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