Take Control of Your Data Uploads with the Eloqua Upload Wizard

Uploading data into marketing automation systems like Oracle Eloqua can quickly become complicated. As marketers know, there’s far more to the process than just clicking a button. Some data might be in the wrong format and need to be converted. Other data might overwrite important information when uploaded and requires creating additional columns for processing.Read more

Case Study: Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard

Global Distributor Improves Leads using Upload Wizard 4Thought Marketing recently improved its Upload Wizard Cloud App to meet the unique requirements of a long-time customer, a global distributor. As part of their Marketing Technology Stack, they use Oracle Eloqua as its marketing automation platform and Salesforce for customer relationship management (CRM).  Business Challenge Every day,Read more

Improve Data Quality with Upload Wizard

  Data quality is crucial for every organization. It affects almost every part of your marketing activities, from email deliverability and lead conversion to revenue generation. And you cannot accurately target and personalize your campaigns without complete and accurate data.  You can dramatically improve data quality by eliminating dirty data before it enters your system.Read more