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eloqua job titles

Unlocking Job Function & Level from Job Titles in Eloqua

Between user-provided data and data enrichment, Eloqua users generally have very little trouble populating Job Title fields. But related fields, such as Job Function or Job Level, present a bit of a challenge. Out-of-the-box values may not meet your company’s needs. And if you’re only able to choose one Job Function value per user, how do you know which is the correct one? Fortunately, there’s a relatively simple solution. Check out this excerpt from our

eloqua email templates

Understanding Locked & Unlocked Eloqua Email Templates

When creating landing pages and emails, Eloqua users can use the HTML or Design Editor to create and modify templates. This article will focus on how templates can be locked or unlocked, providing even more control over the look and feel.

marketo lead scoring

Marketo Lead Scoring: An Overview

Simply put, lead scoring is a method of assigning numerical values to leads primarily based on their characteristics and actions. The higher the rating, the more likely the lead is to grow to make a purchase. Learn more here.

data steward

15 Ways a Data Steward Improves Marketing

Marketers are accustomed to handling and manipulating large amounts of vital data. But in the day-to-day process, it can be easy to forget that this data and integrations need regular check-ups. This, simply put, is the role of a data steward.

custom objects

Making the Most of Your Data: Putting Custom Objects to Work

Custom objects are a simple yet powerful part of Eloqua that can enhance the ways that you’re able to connect with your customers. While they may seem daunting if you have never worked with them, custom objects (often abbreviated as COs) can become your best friend as your marketing automation needs increase.

marketing kpis customer nurture

Is Your Customer Nurture Campaign Doing Its Job?

Since journey nurtures are meant to align with the buyer’s journey, it’s important that marketers take a close look at where nurture campaigns are either succeeding or stalling, in order to improve future campaigns.

marketing kpis

MQL & SQL: Two Key Marketing Metrics to Watch

Concrete data in the form of key performance indicators, or KPIs, is compelling evidence that your marketing team’s efforts are getting results. While it may seem like a daunting task to find the right KPIs to prove this, it’s far from impossible.

marketing kpis

Do You Have the Right Marketing KPIs?

It’s easy to get focused on KPIs that are easy to gather and look great on paper but don’t really provide actionable insights. Here’s how to analyze your marketing KPIs in a meaningful way.