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5 Advantages of Using Marketing Agencies

Marketing is a marathon. With technology, laws, and customer preferences constantly evolving, anyone who can’t stay ahead of the curve gets left behind. Marketing automation tools like Eloqua and Marketo significantly boost these efforts. However, as any marketer knows, having the right tools is only the first step.

Why You Need to Keep Nurturing While Selling

Sales and marketing play different roles in the customer journey. But they truly shine when both can work together. How might this work in your organization? Let’s explore the best approach: nurturing while selling.

eloqua marketing campaign checklist

The Essential Eloqua Marketing Campaign Checklist

There is, unfortunately, no “silver bullet” that makes a marketing campaign a massive success every time. However, there are a few steps you can take to give yourself a better chance. For Eloqua users, one of the most essential steps is to create a marketing campaign checklist to follow during development.

systems integration

Why Systems Integrations aren’t Set-and-Forget

Integrations enable sales and marketing systems to work together seamlessly. And most of the time, they do just that. But nothing is static. This is why regularly auditing your software integrations is so important.

Optimize Email Campaigns with Our 12-Point Checklist

It’s every marketer’s dream to maintain an impressive email marketing ROI. But what happens when your existing strategies are falling short? In that case, it’s time to consider how to optimize email campaigns for your audience.

marketo drift integration

Improve Form Conversions with Marketo & Drift

The 4Thought Marketing team has helped multiple companies improve their marketing strategies and technology. Recently, we were able to do something particularly interesting with a client: getting the most value out of their AI-chat tool, Drift.