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Avoid Eloqua program canvas listener limitations, and add support for on-demand and regularly scheduled updates.

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Currently, the Eloqua program canvas listeners run only once a day. The Contact Feeder Cloud App enables Eloqua to support more frequent updates. Using the Contact Feeder Cloud App, a user can specify a segment or a shared filter as criteria for feeding a program canvas, so all the power of filtering and segmentation are available to select contacts to be added to a program canvas.

Key Benefits

  • Feed contacts multiple times per day via scheduled, segment, or filter triggers
  • Add contacts via filtering and segmentation to the program canvas




  • Each Eloqua instance requires a separate cloud app license.
  • Each cloud app license includes a reasonable usage limitation of 250k records processed daily and up to 5 app instantiations per Eloqua instance. Higher usage tiers are available at extra cost.
  • For additional license details, please review the Cloud Services User License Agreement.