Turn Data into Personalized Emails with Oracle Eloqua

Data is the lifeblood of the marketing industry. Marketers instinctively want to leverage data for personalization. For Eloqua users, that might include storing data in Custom Data Object (CO) records to keep everything organized. Unfortunately, all the data-filled Custom Objects in the world don’t do a lot of good unless you know how to convertRead more

Manipulating Data in Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

Marketers know that Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects (COs) can do quite a bit when used correctly. As an Oracle Partner company, we get a lot of questions about what you can do with the data stored in COs. And we have good news! Eloqua’s Program Canvas, introduced in 2016, gives you plenty more options thanRead more

Delete Eloqua Custom Objects in Bulk

If you need to clean up your Eloqua Custom Data Objects and remove data for specific contacts, the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing is the perfect solution. Watch the 1-minute video below and learn how the Mass CO Deleter Cloud App helps you keep your Eloqua system clean. Learn more about theRead more

A Quick Look at the Contact CO Deleter Cloud App

It’s not possible to delete Custom Objects associated with a contact record in Oracle Eloqua using only out-of-the-box features. This is where the Contact CO Deleter Cloud App comes into play. The Contact CO Deleter Cloud App makes removing custom objects mapped to contact easily on either the program or campaign canvas. The cloud appRead more

First Tech Credit Union’s Personalized Email Campaigns Grow Revenue

Credit unions earn money in several different ways, but customer loans tend to be their biggest source of revenue. First Tech Federal Credit Union is no exception. And while they continue to see strong growth, they also saw abandoned applications as an opportunity to increase conversions. Here is their story. The Problem: Incomplete or AbandonedRead more

Personalize Emails with Eloqua Custom Objects

Email marketing is a tried-and-true strategy of the modern business world. But there’s more to it than just sending a generic email to someone’s inbox. Taking the time to personalize emails and offer the recipient something they actually want, instead of a general message, goes a long way. Customers appreciate a touch of familiarity. AndRead more

Introducing the Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud App

The Embed CO Records in Email Table Cloud App allows you to easily construct a multi-row table in your emails using data from custom object records. Your finalized table will neatly list the specified data from matching custom object records in an easy-to-read format your customers will appreciate. Sign up for a 10-day Free TrialRead more

Date Calculations with Eloqua Custom Objects

The CO Date Calculator Cloud App from 4Thought Marketing lets you perform date calculations within custom object programs. Users can add or subtract days, weeks, months, or even years from any date value and store the results in a CO record. For example, maybe you want to pre-schedule a campaign after a specified number ofRead more

Managing Custom Objects in Eloqua

Out of the box, Eloqua can handle a staggering amount of information. Your marketing team can store data on both individuals and accounts, and Eloqua’s easy-to-navigate interface allows for easy segmentation. But as any marketer knows, your data needs constantly change. Not all the information you’ve gathered belongs in the contact or account tables. So,Read more

Building a Delete Contact Program for Oracle Eloqua

Building a Delete Contact Program for Oracle Eloqua Let’s face it; there are contacts in your Eloqua system that don’t belong there.  They take up valuable real estate, living in the dark alleys between “reachable” and “engaged” contacts.  They may think they are living rent-free, but they are not.  Even after building the “contact washingRead more