Explained: Account-Based vs. Lead-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (also called ABM) and lead-based marketing are two popular strategies for businesses. Choosing the right model is important to ensure that organizations’ revenue processes are efficient. Let’s take a look at the two methods and which one is more appropriate for your business. Definition of Lead-Based Marketing Lead-based marketing tends to focus onRead more

How to Develop an Effective Marketing Email Template

A well-designed marketing email template can make or break a campaign. A detailed template provides a solid foundation and ensures each element required for the email has been captured. When designing an email for clients, communication is key – and one of the best ways for the client to communicate their needs is to useRead more

Account-Based Marketing: The Future of Marketing?

When most people think of marketing, what they’re really thinking of is conventional marketing: an approach that begins by generating as much attention as possible and narrowing down to potential leads based on that. This approach is the most common today. And it certainly works to a degree. But in more recent years, a differentRead more

Cybernews Interview with 4Thought Marketing CEO Mark LeVell

Keeping up with all in-house goals and tasks as well as failures and vulnerabilities has never been an easy task. But with some professional help, they can usually be effortlessly maintained. Whether it’s maintaining a cohesive marketing strategy or dealing with employee turnover, all of that can be automated. This move eliminates repetitive tasks andRead more

Improving Email Image Quality on Retina Displays

We take it for granted that a phone screen, tablet screen, computer monitor, or laptop will show us crystal-clear graphics. Blurry images tend to be blamed on malfunctions or just low-quality files. But the introduction of retina displays created another potential issue: an otherwise high-quality image displayed on a screen it wasn’t designed for. WhatRead more

10 Best Practices for Creating Eloqua Forms

Businesses naturally want to generate leads. And if a customer is already on your website, an online form is one of the best ways to capture them as a lead. Directing the customer to the form is easy enough. But unfortunately, getting the form in front of your contact doesn’t guarantee that they’ll actually fillRead more

3 Reasons To Delete Custom Objects in Eloqua

Why Would You Ever Delete Eloqua Custom Objects? Many Eloqua owners don’t actively manage their data until they have problems, especially with Custom Objects (CO). This article describes how to get ahead of the curve with COs and proactively manage your old and unneeded CO data using the CO Deleter Cloud App. You’re Up AgainstRead more

The Secret to Discovering Your Customers’ Email Preferences (Spoiler Alert: Ask Them!)

Here’s a radical suggestion for finding out what your customers’ preferences are for email frequency:  ask them!  Instead of double guessing what your customers’ want, isn’t it easier to put the choice in their hands? 

Manipulating data in Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects

In a recent blog post, we discussed the amazing power behind Oracle Eloqua Custom Objects (COs – also known from their legacy name initials as CDOs).  As an Oracle Partner, we often are asked what can be done with the data in COs.  Unfortunately, the answer is very little when you look at out-of-the-box functionalityRead more

Avoid The Most Common Integration Breaking Mistakes

Why do Integrations fail? Do you want your Integrations to Succeed? There is one simple thing you can do to What is that one thing? Feed it healthy data. Many marketers forget about their integration when creating new forms. They mindlessly import records with no consideration that the data has to feed not one systemRead more