Best Practices for Email Preference Centers

Marketing emails unfortunately come with a negative reputation. Consumers often complain about receiving too many, too often. But with the immense advertising potential (not to mention ROI) that email marketing tends to bring, it’s not a method most companies can afford to ignore or significantly scale back. So, how do you get your contacts toRead more

Turn Data into Personalized Emails with Oracle Eloqua

Data is the lifeblood of the marketing industry. Marketers instinctively want to leverage data for personalization. For Eloqua users, that might include storing data in Custom Data Object (CO) records to keep everything organized. Unfortunately, all the data-filled Custom Objects in the world don’t do a lot of good unless you know how to convertRead more

How to Adjust your B2B Marketing for Remote Workers

2021 was the year the world worked remotely. What started as a temporary measure during the pandemic has largely become something likely to remain with us semi-permanently. As revealed by Owl Labs’ “State of Remote Work 2021” report, as many as 70% of the US workforce have worked remotely, with most still doing so. NotRead more

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Weak Personalization Testing

Have you ever received an email that began, “Dear FNAME?”

It is astonishing that such basic personalization mistakes still happen.

Personalized Customer Communication with Eloqua Custom Objects

Personalized Customer Communication with Eloqua Custom Objects With Eloqua Custom Objects (CO), you can easily segment and send hyper-personalized, time-appropriate customer communication. Consider, for a moment, a recent email, website experience, or web advertising that you clicked on.  Do you recall why you found that content compelling enough to respond?  Perhaps it was a seasonalRead more

Is Your Marketing Automation just like Groundhog Day?

Happy Groundhog Day!   Do you ever feel in marketing, like you’re rerunning the same campaigns, the same landing pages, sending the same emails and most importantly getting the same results every day?   Bill Murray, has exactly the same problem in the movie “Groundhog Day”.  He ends up mindlessly repeating the same day OVERRead more