4 Advantages of Creating Page Tags in Eloqua

Eloqua’s often-overlooked page tagging feature is a powerful tool you should definitely be using. But why is this feature so important? Besides obvious benefits like webpage categorization, well-done page tagging can improve the sales process, from customer segmentation to lead scoring. Let’s take a closer look at several top benefits of page tagging. 1. MoreRead more

Are You Overlooking Eloqua’s Page Tagging Abilities?

We frequently work with customers to improve their marketing strategy and online presence. A significant part of this involves guiding marketers to explore Eloqua’s “hidden” features that they may not be leveraged to their full capabilities, or might not even be aware of. You likely have a customer segmentation system based on past purchases orRead more

Account-Based Marketing: The Future of Marketing?

When most people think of marketing, what they’re really thinking of is conventional marketing: an approach that begins by generating as much attention as possible and narrowing down to potential leads based on that. This approach is the most common today. And it certainly works to a degree. But in more recent years, a differentRead more

Segmentation for Marketing is Still Relevant: Here’s Why

It goes without saying that different people have different interests. But marketers who want to get as much promotional material out as possible, as quickly as possible, might not give this fact the consideration it deserves. Prioritizing audience segmentation for marketing is the foundation of a successful campaign. Why is Segmentation for Marketing Such aRead more

Go Beyond Email Marketing with Oracle Eloqua

Email marketing: all marketers use it. Eloqua’s functionality is built around it. But if you’re only leveraging Eloqua’s email system, you’re missing out. You can get even more from your Oracle Eloqua instance when you include all your marketing channels – and when you take the time to properly integrate, automate, and measure them. Let’sRead more

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Segmentation Strategy

Having a segmentation strategy has always been a marketing basic.  Long before Eloqua, or even the internet, identifying your top, key audiences and what messages you should convey to them has been core to marketing.  And of course, many still do this today, and even take it farther with “Buyer Persona’s” and additional levels ofRead more

Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Failed Segmentation

Depending on your experience, marketing automation conjures up one or two mental images: For newer marketers, they see it as a bright shiny object with limitless possibilities. And then for experienced marketers, they remember past failures they don’t want to repeat. In reality, the more effective way forward lies somewhere in between these two extremes.Read more

5 Advanced Segmentation Stars and How to Access Them

Include specialized information to achieve better conversion Whether you’re already using more advanced segmentation or still in ‘batch-and-blast’ mode, here are 5 information source stars that can help you target for better conversion in your outbound and cross-channel marketing. The more specifically you address your contacts’ needs, the more likely your message will resonate andRead more

Is Your Data Stacking Up? Managing Big Data in the Growing Marketing Stack

The technology now available to marketers can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there is software for almost any problem a marketer could think up, from marketing automation to content distribution. On the other hand, all these platforms create massive amounts of data that can be overwhelming to most marketers andRead more

Marketing tools – can’t we all just get along? Cross-Stack Segmentation to the rescue

Marketers use a variety of systems and tools to get the job done – collectively known as the ‘Marketing Stack.’  Stacks can include sophisticated CRM, Marketing Automation, and Business Intelligence reporting tools for companies with bigger budgets, to basic Contact Management tools and Excel for the scrappy. The problem everyone shares, whether you are bigRead more