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Why You Should Keep Nurturing While Selling

Should your marketing team continue nurturing while your sales team works on opportunities? Listen as 4Thought Marketing CEO Mark LeVell discusses the pros, cons, and options that empower sales to influence marketing nurture behavior. If you’d like expert help with both nurturing and selling, get in touch with us today and take your marketing game to the next level.

email preview testing

Skipping Email Preview Testing: A Costly Mistake

The effectiveness of any email marketing campaign hinges on its ability to deliver messages that are both accessible and engaging across a myriad of devices and email clients. This is where email preview testing shines.

welcome emails

What are Welcome Emails & Why Do They Matter?

Marketers may be tempted to overlook welcome emails in favor of more flashy tactics, but this decision comes from not understanding the true impact a welcome email can have. Let’s look a little closer at what makes a welcome email so important and what to keep in mind while building one.