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    common sales and marketing alignment mistakes

    6 Common Sales & Marketing Alignment Mistakes in 2022

    Sales and marketing need to work together. Unfortunately, this is far easier said than done. Below, we’ll look at six common sales and marketing alignment mistakes and several potential solutions.1) T
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    marketing automation platform migration

    Leading Financial Services Company Taps 4Thought Marketing for Platform Migration

    When a leading financial services company needed help getting their marketing automation platform migration project back on track, they turned to the team at 4Thought Marketing.In early 2021, their VP
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    customer nurturing

    Back to Basics: Customer Nurturing

    Businesses prioritize finding new leads and new business. The marketing department works overtime to attract interest, sales pushes to close the leads, and both celebrate their success at capturing ne
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    Take Control of Your Data Uploads with the Eloqua Upload Wizard 6

    Take Control of Your Data Uploads with the Eloqua Upload Wizard

    Uploading data into marketing automation systems like Oracle Eloqua can quickly become complicated. As marketers know, there’s far more to the process than just clicking a button. Some data might be i
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    eloqua nurture campaign

    Simplify Eloqua Nurture Campaign Management

    Every marketer knows the value of reaching the right people with the right message – at the right time. As a modern marketer, you also know the downside of sending too much information – or the wrong
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    apple mail privacy protection mpp

    Measuring Email Performance after Apples Mail Privacy Protection

    In 2021, Apple deployed its latest privacy feature: Mail Privacy Protection (hereafter MPP), allowing Apple users to hide their IP address and other information when opening emails. For email marketer
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    retina display

    Improving Email Image Quality on Retina Displays

    We take it for granted that a phone screen, tablet screen, computer monitor, or laptop will show us crystal-clear graphics. Blurry images tend to be blamed on malfunctions or just low-quality files. B
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    eloqua forms

    10 Best Practices for Creating Eloqua Forms

    Businesses naturally want to generate leads. And if a customer is already on your website, an online form is one of the best ways to capture them as a lead. Directing the customer to the form is easy
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    eloqua insights

    3 Eloqua Insight User Tips Learned the Hard Way

    Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing insights directly from several of our on-staff experts on various marketing topics. We hope you enjoy!Oracle Eloqua Insight, powered by Oracle Business
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    marketing automation mistakes

    7 Common Marketing Automation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Marketing automation is neither a magical solution to every company’s marketing challenges nor a failed system that produces no results. A professional marketing automation system is only as good as i
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    eloqua apps

    The 7 Must-Have Partner Apps for Oracle Eloqua

    Oracle Eloqua users should be quite familiar with the wide variety of built-in functions this marketing software offers. But it’s possible to expand both the value and functionality of Eloqua to impro
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    contact feeder

    Process Leads Faster with the Contact Feeder Cloud App for Oracle Eloqua

    The Contact Feeder Cloud App helps you get leads into the hands of sales or your campaigns faster.  Unlike Eloqua listeners, which run once every 24 hours, you can configure the app to check for
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