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    oracle eloqua office hours webinar

    On-Demand Replay: Eloqua Office Hours March 2023

    Sam Caram, a Senior Marketing Operations Specialist at 4Thought Marketing, participated in an informal discussion on Oracle Eloqua hacks, nifty tips, and tricks. She shared how to work around campaign
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    eloqua health check

    Oracle Eloqua Health Checks for Optimal Performance

    Just as annual physical checkups are crucial for maintaining our overall well-being, periodic Oracle Eloqua Health Checks ensure that your marketing automation systems operate at their peak performanc
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    subject lines for email marketing

    Writing Eye-Catching Subject Lines for Email Marketing

    Email marketing remains a highly effective marketing strategy in 2023. However, to make the most out of email marketing, it is crucial to create a compelling email subject line that encourages recipie
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    eloqua apps

    The 7 Must-Have Partner Apps for Oracle Eloqua

    Oracle Eloqua users should be quite familiar with the wide variety of built-in functions this marketing software offers. But it’s possible to expand both the value and functionality of Eloqua to impro
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    eloqua insights

    3 Eloqua Insight User Tips Learned the Hard Way

    Oracle Eloqua Insight, powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE), is a powerful tool to analyze your data across Eloqua. It contains several out-of-the-box reports whic
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    retina display

    Improving Email Image Quality on Retina Displays

    We take it for granted that a phone screen, tablet screen, computer monitor, or laptop will show us crystal-clear graphics. Blurry images tend to be blamed on malfunctions or just low-quality files. B
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    apple mail privacy protection mpp

    Measuring Email Performance after Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

    In 2021, Apple deployed its latest privacy feature: Mail Privacy Protection (hereafter MPP), allowing Apple users to hide their IP address and other information when opening emails. For email marketer
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    eloqua forms

    10 Best Practices for Creating Eloqua Forms

    Businesses naturally want to generate leads. And if a customer is already on your website, an online form is one of the best ways to capture them as a lead. Directing the customer to the form is easy
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    Solve Unique Business Requirements with Eloqua Cloud Apps

    On-Demand Webinar Replay: Solve Unique Business Requirements with Eloqua Cloud Apps

    Watch an on-demand replay of our webinar, “Solve Unique Business Requirements with Eloqua Cloud Apps”, here.
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    What Are Your KPIs Telling You?

    Modern marketers go beyond the click-through and open rates. Although good to track, they just scratch the surface of how you are performing. When asked the question “how did that campaign do?” what d
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    How to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy 2

    How to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy

    How to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy Mark LeVell, CEO 4Thought Marketing As a digital marketing professional and an Oracle Eloqua advocate for many years, I’m always looking for indicators of
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    marketing technologist

    The Critical Role of a Marketing Technologist

    Modern marketing relies on technology to produce and distribute promotional materials. Obviously, this means professional marketers need to have a working knowledge of the technology they use every da
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    The Essence of Modern Email Marketing is a Nurture Foundation

    Leverage Digital Behavior to send the Right Message at the Right Time Pop Quiz: Sales rejected over 90% of Marketing’s Leads this quarter, what do you do? We see this a lot.  Typically, the ...

    Tips for Balancing In-House Marketing Teams vs. Agencies

    The correct mix of in-house marketing teams vs. agencies is a balancing act. Some work may move in-house. But for other tasks, partners offer advantages. ...

    Data Privacy is an Opportunity for Marketers

    In the past few years, we’ve seen a seismic shift in how consumers feel about their personal information.  They’ve seen their information exploited for financial and political gain.  Tech ...

    6 Guidelines for MQL to SQL Success

    Isn’t it great seeing a new MQL alert come across the dashboard? It means Marketing is doing their job. Or part of their job, anyway. ‘Marketing Qualified’ is the critical stage in the lead funnel ...

    Marketing’s New “P” Privacy

    As marketing professionals, we’ve all grown up with the four or five P's of marketing – product, price, placement, promotion, and people.  But now there’s a new P of marketing in town, and it's ...

    New Regex and Count Custom Object Cloud Apps

    Two new Eloqua Cloud Apps recently joined the 4Thought Marketing family. Custom Object Regex and Custom Object Count.  Let’s take a closer look at each of them. CO Count Cloud App Imagine your in ...

    Eloqua Marketing Campaign Checklist for Improving Success

    An Eloqua marketing campaign checklist is a great way to ensure successful campaign execution. In today’s post, let’s explore a typical challenge: an under-performing campaign and how following a ...

    Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise

    Relying Exclusively on Internal Marketing Automation Expertise In our last article, we spoke about having too many marketing automation tools.  In today’s post, we’re going to talk about our last ...

    Eloqua common mistakes series: Too Many Marketing Automation Tools

    In our last article, we spoke about the impact of not having or an incomplete compliance monitoring solution.  In today’s post, we’re going to talk about our next common mistake: too many marketing ...

    Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: Missing or Incomplete Compliance Monitoring

    Missing or Incomplete Compliance Monitoring GDPR has been in effect for almost a year. And now in 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is law. Also, increasingly customers are demanding ...

    Oracle Eloqua Planning – What to Do Next Infographic

    Your management is thinking about how to make this year rock and if you want to be a part of it, now is the time to prepare your vision for kick-ass Oracle Eloqua improvements.  The Infographic below ...

    Eloqua Common Mistakes Series: No Inbound Marketing Strategy

    In our last article about common marketing automation mistakes, we spoke about the importance of personalization testing and a checklist to ensure consistent quality.  In today’s post, we’re going to ...