Data Capture Strategy

    4TM Data Capture Strategy 20160812 ds v1

    If your marketing automation platform is the engine for your marketing strategy, data is the fuel. If you plan to score leads, segment, compare campaign success, track top performing acquisition tactics, or pass leads to sales, you need a plan for how to obtain, maintain and use the data.

    Data Capture Strategy

    A data capture strategy dictates how you create the ideal profile for your leads – making sure you obtain data for both marketing and sales needs while balancing great user experience and bringing consistency in how the data is then stored and even normalized.

    It is not just about collecting the right data, but also:

    • Interpreting that data to track campaign performance and other KPIs
    • Knowing what questions to ask leads and when
    • To gate or not to gate – What types of content should forms be used for

    At 4Thought Marketing, we define your ideal lead profile and develop the tactics to complete it. This includes a thorough audit of all data fields, all points of entry, and your current capture strategy, followed by an optimization discussion. We then provide the tools to support the optimized strategy:

    • Tactics by Field Strategy Workbook
    • Lead source structure – channel, source, offer & campaign
    • Form template(s) with key processing steps
    • 4Thought Upload Wizard
    • Implementation recommendations

    4Thought marketing ensures that the fuel in your marketing engine is clean and optimized for performance. Make actionable decisions, start lead scoring and segmenting, and get your marketing efforts to the finish line faster.