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Eloqua SmartStart is the best way to kick off your marketing mutomation journey.

Getting the initial implementation of Oracle Eloqua right is crucial for success and demonstrating ROI to management.

  • SmartStart Configurator allows for a customized implementation process.
  • Eloqua SmartStart is a quick way to set up Eloqua, plan campaigns, integrate CRM, and implement lead scoring or nurturing.
  • 4Thought Marketing SmartStart prioritizes focus, rapid time to results, tightly defined goals, and meeting those goals.
  • During a SmartStart, we listen to understand the organization’s work processes, balance uniqueness with best practices, and create a tailored implementation.
  • According to Oracle, using a SmartStart package can generate over 260% more leads than self-taught counterparts.
  • A wide range of SmartStart options are available, including no CRM, one-click CRM integration, advanced CRM integration, and customization.

Contact us to speak with a specialist and learn more about our SmartStart offerings. Together, we’ll determine which is right for your situation.

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Net promoter score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric that helps determine whether a customer will recommend your business to others. With a bit of implementation, Oracle Eloqua is an excellent platform for net promoter score.

  • Implement your NPS survey within Oracle-Eloqua and nurture survey requests to completion.
  • Automatically delegate negative feedback follow-up.
  • Route and pursue positive feedback references.

Implementation is customized to your needs and can include a kickoff meeting, needs analysis meeting, design documents, nurturing email program, summarized results, customized NPS survey page, and spreadsheets for deeper analysis.

Contact us to get started!

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Nurturing Campaigns

Nurturing customers is crucial for increasing revenue and doing it correctly can make a significant difference.

  • Regardless of the industry or business, proper nurturing throughout the customer life cycle can create stronger customer relations, increase sales, and foster lifelong customer loyalty.
  • Nurturing is beneficial in every aspect of the contact life cycle, including lead development, sales, training, support, and renewals.
  • A well-executed nurturing campaign provides prospects with relevant and targeted information that builds trust and encourages them to become first-time or recurring customers.
  • Lead nurturing reduces the sales team’s workload by pre-packaging leads that are ready to buy.

Whether you are new to nurturing and need help thinking through your first nurture campaign, or just need help with execution, 4Thought Marketing can quickly implement a nurturing campaign to fit your organization needs.

Lead Scoring

4Thought Marketing offers advanced lead scoring solutions that go beyond the basic Oracle setup. We specialize in building custom algorithms for different products, market segments, and account-based scoring, including data quality scoring. If your sales team is receiving low-quality leads or your current lead scoring model isn’t working, our team can help.

Lead scoring ranks leads based on their value to determine when to hand them off to sales. It also moves leads through the top of the sales funnel, acting as the trigger for placing leads into the right nurture at the right time.

Our advanced lead scoring model aligns sales and marketing by creating an ideal lead profile and scenario. We use a multi-factor approach to balance behavior and increase conversion rates.

The advanced lead scoring implementation includes:

  • Scoring criteria workbook
  • Data findings recommendations
  • Implementation plan
  • Scoring program built
  • MQL targets and benchmark
  • Sales enablement/training deck
  • CRM integration

Increase your conversion rate, improve your ROI, and best of all, stop worrying about sales complaining about low-quality leads. 4Thought Marketing’s advanced lead scoring model will ensure that you get the results you are looking for.

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