Map Eloqua Custom Objects to Contacts Easily

Map Eloqua Custom Objects to Contacts Easily 7

In Eloqua, custom objects (hereafter COs) are excellent ways to store additional information about a contact. But sometimes, an integration, upload, or process adds COs without connecting them to Eloqua contact records. Even if a contact record already exists, Eloqua’s default behavior is to map contact records and COs by email address.  If you need to map COs with other contact fields, those records are not mapped and remain orphaned. This is obviously a problem.

This is where the Eloqua CO to Contact Mapper Cloud App comes in. This cloud action is designed to quickly and easily map a custom object to a contact record based on other fields besides email addresses. It expands Eloqua functionality to ensure COs are mapped to their respective contact records. Connecting data to the right person and segmenting accordingly has never been easier.

For more information on the CO to Contact Mapper Cloud App, get in touch with the 4Thought Marketing team today.

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