Improve Form Conversions with Marketo & Drift

marketo drift integration

The ideal sales experience is an in-person interaction between the vendor and prospective customer.  And if you can create a similar experience online, you should see improved results over static copy on your website.  But it’s not possible for every customer to visit you in person.  This is why websites increasingly leverage chatbots to simulate in-person conversation to increase engagement.

The 4Thought Marketing team has helped multiple companies improve their marketing strategies and technology.  Recently, we were able to do something particularly interesting with a client: getting the most value out of their AI-chat tool, Drift.

What is Drift?

Drift is an AI-powered buyer engagement platform that automatically listens, understands, and learns from buyers to create the most personalized experiences possible. Its ultimate goal is to streamline the buyer’s journey from start to finish.

When a user visits a website with Drift active, a pop-up on the bottom right corner of the screen invites them to chat. Drift then uses this chat to collect data through the chat like a standard form submission. Drift also captures other critical information such as activity data and customer interests.

Marketo Drift Integration

Our client had already been using Marketo as their primary marketing automation platform, and used Drift for capturing general customer data. We helped them leverage the two programs working together. Our team provided the necessary help to integrate Drift and Marketo to make users’ website experiences as smooth and pleasant as possible.

This is where Drift truly shines. First, Marketo kicks off a specialized nurture campaign for the user.

marketo drift integration

Next, when the client clicks on the email and goes to a personalized landing page, Drift leverages its screen takeover, guiding the user to schedule a meeting right away.

marketo drift integration

Because Drift and Marketo are integrated, scheduling a meeting requires fewer steps, and is as simple as selecting a date and time from a provided list. This is all designed to fast-track the sales process and make scheduling a sales meeting as easy as possible for the potential client.

The results are undeniable. Customers clearly appreciate the smoothness of the entire process. Since implementing the Drift screen takeover and nurture email campaigns, our client has enjoyed a significantly higher conversion rate and increased revenue.

Leveraging AI Chatbots for Improved Marketing

The potential for AI in marketing is hard to overstate. If you’re interested in upgrading your existing marketing automation setup with an AI chatbot like Drift, get in touch with us today. We’ll help you make the customer experience all the more streamlined and straightforward.


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