Eloqua Implementations

    From “standard” implementations to advanced or custom work, 4Thought Marketing can do just about anything with Oracle-Eloqua. Here are a few of our most requested services:


    Net Promoter Score


    Lead Scoring


    Getting your initial implementation of Oracle-Eloqua right is the key to succeeding quickly and demonstrating a fast ROI to management.

    If you haven’t purchased Eloqua yet or are just curious about what it takes to get Eloqua going, contact us and we’ll walk you through it, with no obligation.

    Try Our SmartStart Configurator

    Maybe a standard SmartStart Implementation process isn’t right for you. If you already have Eloqua experience you can leverage or need a little something added or removed from your SmartStart, ask to be taken through our SmartStart Configurator  where you can pick and choose exactly what is right for your implementation.

    See SmartStart implementation details

    Net Promoter Score Surveys

    Asking your customers How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? can have a dramatic effect on your business.

    • Implement your NPS survey within Oracle-Eloqua and Nurture survey requests through to completion.
    • Automatically delegate negative feedback follow-up
    • Route and pursue positive feedback references

    Find out more about implementing NPS

    Nurturing Campaigns

    Nurturing can be the single best thing you can do to increase revenue.  Doing it right can make the difference between a huge difference and no difference.

    Implement your nurturing with personalization, personas, funnel stage considerations and more.

    Find out more about Nurture implementations

    Lead Scoring and Advanced Lead Scoring

    4Thought can help you quickly and easily set up the basic Lead Scoring provided by Oracle.  Our real value is in building specialized Lead Scoring Algorithms for:

    • Different Products or Divisions
    • Different Market Segments
    • Account-Based Lead Scoring
    • Different Scoring for Customers vs Prospects
    • Inclusion of Data Quality Scoring

    More on Lead Scoring