Software Support Policy

This support policy covers all 4Thought Marketing standard productized Cloud Software products including 4Segments, 4Bridge, 4Comply and our 4Clean, 4CDO, GDPR, CASL and other Cloud App products

4Thought Marketing provides two types of support to our active Software customers, “Basic Support” and Professional Services “Cloud Systems Support.”

Basic Support

4Thought Marketing provides free unlimited support and repair for any and all bugs found in our standard software during the term of your license.
Sometimes when you call with a problem we will not immediately know if the problem is due to a software bug or not. In these cases, we will discover the cause as quickly as possible and charge you (against your paid hours), only if the problem is not a bug, after the cause is determined. Note that after the cause is determined, additional efforts (such as data repair, form change, Eloqua Program Canvas change, CRM system/UI change) may be necessary by you (or by us on a paid basis) to resolve the issue and in particular to prevent it’s recurrence in the future.

Cloud Systems Support

4Thought Marketing provides Cloud Systems Support to our customers…

  • Under a Professional Services Scope of Work that defines the Cloud Systems Support services provided, or
  • Included with a 4Bridge or as otherwise specified license purchase and/or license renewal (quantity specified in agreement).

If you have purchased (or received free) Cloud Systems Support hours, they may be used for any problem related to your 4Thought Marketing licensed software where we have a core competency.

General Support Hours and Response Times

Our official hours of support, severity levels and target response times can be found at Service Level Agreements.

Free Cloud Systems Support Hours

For our 4Bridge users we may also provide some number of free (non-4Bridge-bug related) “Cloud Systems Support” hours for 4Bridge per year of license term, the quantity of which will be defined in your license purchase or renewal agreement. At the end of every license term, the remaining old free hours (if any) expire, and are replaced, upon renewal, with new hours.
These free non-4Bridge-bug “Cloud Systems Support” hours may be used for integration issues related to:

  • 4Bridge configuration such as mapping changes,
  • 4Bridge Training (beyond that supplied with your initial purchase),
  • security and password issues,
  • data problems such as mis-matched select lists or bad data types,
  • bugs in Eloqua, the CRM system, or other integrated software systems and/or their APIs,
  • Eloqua form setup or list imports, two other areas where user errors affecting integration often arise, and
  • other problems related to the integration where 4Thought Marketing has a core competency.

Note that all hours purchased from 4Thought Marketing do not expire (except where you have been inactive for more than 18 months or your related software license has not been renewed). Except in this situation, your purchased hours will “roll over” to the next billing period and remain available for your use as needed.

In the event you are past due on any prior invoice(s) we may withhold support services of all types from you.

4Thought Marketing reserves the right to change this policy from time-to-time without notice.